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Black Ops 3 vs Advanced Warfare: 10 Key Differences





Advanced Warfare provides a fair amount of weapon customization options (you can skin your gun and use logos) though they have nothing on Black Ops 3's Paintshop. 

Paintshop provides a mind-boggling amount of customization options that all but ensure that your guns will never look the same as another persons guns. 

This new feature allows you to add up to 64 layers of design onto three sides of a weapon. We played around with the feature in the Black Ops 3 beta and got lost amongst the many options to choose from. You could litetally spend hours tailoring the look of your weapons. And some of you surely will. 

You can even customize the look of your knife and the video here will take you through just how expansive the customization options in Black Ops 3's Paintshop are.

Black Ops 3 won't feature the Supply Drop system that's found in Advanced Warfare. Supply Drop allows you to earn or buy Supply Drops that feature gear, new weapons and more. Paintshop and Gunsmith will take its place in Black Ops 3. 

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