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Clash of Clans January Update Coming Next Week



A big January 2016 Clash of Clans update is coming soon, and today we have a potential release date for players to look forward to. In December a major update arrived, the biggest in the history of the game. However, it had a few problems and caused mass frustration for players. Today we finally received good news.

The update last year introduced Town Hall 11, a 3rd hero, a bigger map and lots more, but it also introduced bugs and problems into a usually rock-solid game, and messed with the in-game economy and money available. That and more will be changed early next week.

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Earlier this month we learned that Supercell, the developers behind the worldwide hit mobile game Clash of Clans is preparing another big update to kick off 2016, and now we have a release date and additional details for all Clashers below.


Last week Supercell finally confirmed their plans to fix Clash of Clans. Ever since the update users have been having issues with Town Hall clicks crashing the game, especially for those who are upgrading a Dark Elixir defensive building like an X-Bow or inferno. Some Lava Hound Pups floating off the edges of the map couldn’t be killed, and other small problems.

That said, the biggest issue was how the update actually changed the game. In a way the update is for the better. It removed many hackers from being able to be online 24/7 so no one could attack them and steal money, took away Town Hall sniping, added more incentive for users to protect their entire village, and Town Hall, rather than leaving it out to be destroyed for a cheap and easy shield. The update had good intentions, but caused the overall game to suffer.

Supercell detailed what is coming in the update recently, and this morning broke their silence and confirmed a potential release date. This morning Supercell staff member and forum moderator Marika, stated the update should be released early next week. As in Monday or Tuesday, but they’re waiting on final approval from Apple and the app store.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.00.23 AM

He starts by mentioning official sneak peeks are coming soon. Posts explaining the changes in more detail, video giving users a look at the new Loot Cart, Star Bonus for daily achievements, the Treasury to protect our Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir and more. We know what’s coming, but not what it looks like. By the end of the week some sneak peaks will show us exactly what’s coming.

And then, hopefully by Monday or Tuesday Clash of Clans will go into a maintenance break, remove the Winter theme, snow and X-Mas trees, and come back online with an update ready and waiting in the Google Play Store and Apple App store.

The cause for the delay is some last minute tweaks and fixes to the system, as well as waiting on approval from Apple. As soon as the update is ready they’ll push it to all players. The staff goes on to mention there aren’t a lot of changes in this update, and the focus was an immediate fix to the economy situation. Giving users more money back after attacks, injecting more money into Clash, and giving more users more chances to raid big bases to earn some cash. They’ve also added dead and abandoned bases back. Something that was sorely missing after the update in December.

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As a recap, the update will add a new Star Bonus, Loot Cart, Treasury, and fix multiplayer and matchmaking. The Star Bonus is a daily achievement and money for getting 5 stars throughout the day. The Loot Cart is an area where money will be returned after users are attacked, and we’re hearing more will be returned for good defenses. As in the stronger the base, the bigger the refund. The more damage you take, the smaller the refund. So upgrade those walls.

Then the Star Bonus, Loot Cart, and War winnings will all go to a new “Treasury” inside the Clan Castle. This is the safest place for Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir, because even if someone gets 100% and 3-stars you, hardly any of the loot in the Treasury can actually be stolen. Our money problems are about to be solved, along with countless bug fixes, matchmaking improvements, AI tweaks and more. Stay tuned for more details.

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2016 Update Release Date

2016 Update Release Date

The thing everyone wants to know is when the 2016 Clash of Clans update is coming. We mention January in the title, but the sad reality is we don't have an actual release date to look forward to or pencil on the calendar. That said, almost every update has arrived within 2 weeks of the "sneak peeks" the developers do to show off the changes.

A moderator and Supercell staff member posted back on January 12th, a week ago, teasing the changes. Mentioning most of the changes in a mini sneak peek, but it didn't have actual images or details like usual.

The post specifically mentions the update "will rollout as soon as possible". And that's it. So we're left in the dark. It has been more than a week, so expect a confirmation on the release date or more details within the next 2-3 days.

In my opinion, the update will be released either this weekend, or Sunday night at 9PM PT or Midnight Eastern. This is usually when they push out updates, following a short maintenance break. It could be later in the month, but given the frustration by the community, this is a top priority for developers.

Once the maintenance break starts you'll know the update is coming, and you'll want to be excited for all of the changes. So what's coming, read on for more details.



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