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Clash of Clans June Update Adds Layout Copy, Name Changes to Town Hall 12



The big Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 update is confirmed for later this month, and that means more information continues to trickle in. After revealing tons of upgrades and new Siege Machines earlier this week, Supercell just announced in-game name changes, layout copy tools, and more quality-of-life features.

Take a quick look at the Town Hall 12 update teaser video below, then here’s what else to expect from the Clash of Clans June 2018 update.

Following this Town Hall 12 update Supercell will allow players to make more than one name change. Then, they’ve added several exciting “QoL” improvements to make the game better. We’re really excited about the Clan Castle “sleep” option.

Name Changes

  • You can change your name once. After your first FREE name change, each change will cost 500 Gems, then 1000 Gems, and increase by 500 each name change.
  • Each change will include a 1-week cooldown period before you can change it again.
  • New offensive name “report” button inside a player’s profile for easy access.

Clan Castle Sleep Mode

  • Toggle your Clan Castle between “Guard” and “Sleep” modes.
  • Sleep Mode prevents Castle troops from guarding your village and going to waste.
  • Keep your reinforcements safe until you need them for attacks or Clan Wars.

Village Layout Copying

  • Like a Clan-mates village? Now you can copy it starting at Town Hall 4.
  • Village layout copy only works between Clan members.
  • Works in both the Main Village and Builder Base starting at TH4.
  • Can only copy bases one Town Hall level lower or higher than you.

In-Game Notification Controls

  • Due to popular demand, you can now control notifications.
  • Choose what kind of notifications you want to receive from the Settings > More tab.

More Clash of Clans June Town Hall 12 Update Details

Shown above are a few of the most exciting changes and improvements coming to the next Clash of Clans update. Those are on top of Town Hall 12, new building and troop levels, the Giga Tesla, Siege Machines and Workshop, and much more.

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Supercell also confirmed Clan Games improvements that will offer new quests for Town Hall 12, a Clan Games results page, and a countdown timer so no one forgets to claim their rewards. This Clash of Clans update will also clean up call-outs for clan war attacks, requires a leader to assign a new Clan leader before leaving, and other miscellaneous improvements throughout the game.

None of these tweaks are major Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 game-changers, but they’ll certainly improve the overall experience for both new and old players alike.

In closing, it’s nice to see Supercell finally delivering Clash of Clans updates and changes based on what the gaming community wants. These are all popular requests from players or are things we had in our roundup of changes we wanted to see in 2018.

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