Clash Royale June 2018 Update: What to Know

A big Clash Royale June 2018 update is coming this summer with lots of changes. And while we just received Clan Wars in April, the developers aren’t slowing down. In fact, Supercell confirmed monthly updates and balance changes moving forward, starting on June 4th. Here’s what players need to know.

A few rumors suggest up to four new cards, possibly level 14, rewind in replays, and new game modes. That said, everything is a mystery until further notice. And despite Supercell claiming no teasers were coming, they already promised the update will arrive on June 4th.

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Balance changes are always an important aspect of each Clash Royale update. However, that’s not all gamers can expect in June.

It’s no secret that Clash Royale updates never arrive on time. They’re often delayed weeks at a time, or even by an entire month. However, that looks to change starting next month.

Monthly Clash Royale Updates

By far the biggest announcement for Clash Royale in 2018 is monthly balance changes. Supercell plans to be more consistent and frequent with balance updates, that way players can anticipate fixes or improvements around the same time every month.

Balance changes ensure troops aren’t over or underpowered, the game is fair, and keeps things fresh. That’s why starting on June 5th, we’ll get a round of balance changes. Then, the next Clash Royale update will arrive on the first Monday in July. Moving forward, on the first Monday of every month when new league seasons begin, players will receive a fresh balance upgrade.

Updates are more important in Clash Royale than in most games. That’s because the developers make major tweaks, balance changes, and mess with how troops perform and fight. As a result, one or two small changes can make a major impact during battles. Now, the team will make necessary changes once a month. This should really fix some of the unfair matchups, poor Clan wars, and other ladder issues players continue to face.

Monthly Clash Royale updates will also fix problems quicker, instead of making players deal with unfair battles for months at a time.

Clan War Fixes

While it isn’t confirmed, Supercell will likely make some important tweaks to Clan Wars inside Clash Royale. The next update on June 5th will be the first big update since Clan Wars in April. This means they’ll find a way to fix tie games, mix in more troops for a more diverse war deck, and improve the game mode overall.

My clan has tied in several Clan Wars, which is something we didn’t expect to deal with. So, look for the developers to focus on that in this upcoming release. Supercell is still fine-tuning things, so we could see a change to the preparation day, war day, length, amount of battles, and other improvements.

New Clash Royale Troops

We’re also expecting new troops or cards from the next Clash Royale update. The May release was an important one, and along with it players received the Rascals troop. A big Knight with two bubble-gum archers behind it. And while the Rascals is a fun new card, that’s not all that’s coming.

According to this image, there’s a new Elite Archer type troop. Is that a cross-bow? We also see the Rascals, which arrived in May. Then, last but not least is a third new card. This one looks like a Golem mixed with the Lava Hound. Basically, a giant boulder you can roll down the Arena and matches nicely with Supercell telling players to “watch their step” in recent teasers. I’m calling it the Ground Hound until further notice.

We’re expecting an announcement for one or both of these new cards, and possibly more, with new game modes or challenges to unlock them early. Remember, Supercell typically adds new troops once every 3-4 weeks.

New Emotes

Emotes are a gray area in Clash Royale that some players love, others hate, and the rest just mute. The little laughing face or crying emoji players spam on the screen as they beat you. Supercell continues to change its emotes, and now we’re hearing they’ll add more this summer.

Yes, more emotes in the June Clash Royale update. We have no idea what they’ll be, what to expect, or how many are coming. The game doesn’t need any more emotes. The team already added a permanent mute button, but then added an option for clan-mates to use emotes during a battle too. That way your opponent and his entire clan can all spam emotes on the screen.

We need less emotes, not more, but we’ll reserve judgment until we see how Supercell implements more emote changes.

Clash Royale Heroes?

Will Supercell ever bring Heroes like an Archer Queen or Barbarian King to Clash Royale? It’s something we’ve heard about for over a year, but adding such a powerful troop could ruin the game.

That said, we’re seeing signs of exactly that. The same source that leaked the image above, part of which turned out true, released images of an Archer Queen. The game files also mention a new “Golden Knight” troop. The Golden Knight looks like the Barbarian King from Clash of Clans, although it could just be in the game files to throw leakers off the trail of any real upcoming cards. Here’s a quick video from Molt explaining new and old leaks.

June Clash Royale Update Details

For now, that’s all we really know. Basically, starting in June Supercell will release a big update on the first Monday of every month. These will deliver balance changes the entire gaming community will appreciate.

“In addition, whenever we have a full update (containing new content/features), we’ll also bring a balance update containing changes that we can’t implement with just a maintenance break.”

Shown above is a quote from the developer team. Stating that they’ll combine “full updates” with new content and features into these monthly balance changes if necessary. And with that, the first full update is June 4th. Expect teasers and announcements on Friday, June 1st, as the team prepares the first big update of the summer. We’ll update this post as soon as we learn more.

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