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Common NFL Sunday Ticket Problems & Fixes



One of the best ways to watch football is with the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV, even here in 2019-20. And there’s nothing worse than having the ticket, only to deal with problems and miss the game. With that in mind, these are some common NFL Sunday Ticket problems and how to fix them.

Problems come in multiple forms. Whether that’s the Sunday Ticket stream failing, app crashes, or you can’t watch more than one game at a time. And don’t get me started on the CBS mess. If you’re facing these Sunday ticket issues this is what you need to know.

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Most of the time you can fix Sunday Ticket streaming problems on your own, even if that’s just the internet or your account login. However, other issues require customer support or a little troubleshooting. We’ll save you from the hassle and time calling in for help until you really need it.

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Problems & Fixes

There are a lot of small things that can go wrong. Whether that’s your student Sunday Ticket U login, a message about your receivers not being setup, or something else like DirecTV being completely down. We’ll start with some common streaming, DirecTV box or WiFi problems, then move on to a few others from our list below.

  • Sunday Ticket App Problems
  • How to Install NFL Sunday Ticket App
  • DirecTV Sunday Ticket Login Problems
  • Sunday Ticket Streaming Problems
  • Is DirecTV or the Sunday Ticket Down?
  • Sunday Ticket Max Problems
  • Can’t Watch Multiple Games
  • and more

Sunday Ticket App Problems (Not Working, Missing Features)

First things first, we want to address some common NFL Sunday Ticket app problems. These days millions of people watch the NFL on phones or tablets, and that means you use the app all the time.

The NFL Sunday Ticket does not offer pre-season games, which is why the service or app isn’t working yet. The app will open for live-streaming on Thursday, September 5th, 2019, when the Packers take on the Bears. That’s officially the first game of the 2019-20 season. If you’re trying to sign into the app and watch pre-season, you’ll have issues.

As soon as the regular schedule season kicks off, the app will fully function as expected.

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If you’re dealing with the app crashing, login issues, or stutters and bad performance, we can help you with that too. First, make sure you have the latest version by checking for updates on the App Store or Google Play. In fact, we recommend all returning customers uninstall the app and reinstall DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket. Just to clear things out and get the latest version. You can also manually force close the app and relaunch it, to fix any small problems.

Additionally, if the app misbehaves or freezes try rebooting your phone, tablet, iPad, Xbox, Apple TV, Roku or other device and login again.

How to Install the NFL Sunday Ticket App

Keep in mind that you need a different app for phones, tablets, or other media devices. It’s also available for Roku and more.  Make sure you download the version for your iPhone AND your iPad, or you’ll experience Sunday Ticket app problems.

Note: If you experience trouble with video playback repeatedly, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

DirecTV Sunday Ticket Login Problems

Another issue we see all over Twitter and the AT&T support forums is regarding login problems. Whether you can’t log into the app, dealing with problems online, or are trying to upgrade or renew your Ticket plan at the website. It’s frustrating, especially when all you want is to watch the game.

The biggest login problem we usually see is those with an NFL Sunday Ticket TV U student pass. Students get the ticket for only $99 a month.

A lot of students signed up for the ticket but faced problems at the beginning of last year. We’re hoping this season doesn’t face those same hiccups. Students are reporting that after logging in, the system is saying the Sunday Ticket isn’t part of their programming, or that their receivers aren’t set up. Two odd errors for a student plan.

So far the only fix we’ve found is to cancel your Sunday Ticket U student discount and resubscribe. Those that ordered it earlier this year or over the summer are somehow excluded from the service.

If you’re having other issues click here to reset your username or password. Then, you’ll be able to choose a new one and log in. We’ll continuously monitor for login problems and update this post as we find more fixes. You can always try the Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool if it’s urgent. If you try the wrong password too many times and get locked out, call DirecTV at 800.288.2020. 

Sunday Ticket Streaming Problems

If you’re having NFL Sunday Ticket audio, video, or streaming problems try these three quick fixes.

  • Try a lower bandwidth setting using the Video Quality (VQ) indicator
  • Close out all other applications or streams on the computer, phone, or tablet
  • Ensure you have a strong WiFi Signal, or move closer to your wireless router

If your stream isn’t working right it’s likely because your internet is too slow, or you have too much going on. If kids are downloading music and movies, streaming YouTube in another room, and doing other things while you’re trying to stream the Sunday Ticket at the same time, it might struggle.

Depending on your internet speed things will run great, or get choppy. Try the tips above, lower the quality setting, or buy faster internet from your service provider. Again, try restarting the app or restarting your device for a better experience.

Is DirecTV or the Sunday Ticket Down?

Sometimes a major problem emerges that you can’t fix, and we can’t fix. Occasionally the NFL Sunday Ticket will go down completely, DirecTV will have an outage, or worse. We saw something similar last year and everyone lost the NFL RedZone channel temporarily. These usually fix themselves after a short period.

Before you start troubleshooting like crazy and getting on the phone only to sit on hold for an hour, make sure it’s worth trying. Popular sites like DownDetector will let you know of a service outage. Check if DirecTV is having an issue, then proceed with our other tips or calling in for help.

Sunday Ticket Max Problems

Do you have the Sunday Ticket MAX? If not, here’s how it’s different so you know what you’re missing. If you do, and you’re dealing with problems, you’re out of luck. Typically MAX problems are the same as any other situation, so follow our steps above, call for help, reboot the app, etc. However, Max does offer multiple streams, and we do see the occasional complaint about that.

MAX gives you more channels, more streaming options, Shortcuts, replays and a bunch of other content. Additionally, it lets you watch the Sunday Ticket on more devices than you can imagine. It’s basically the highest tier they offer, giving you all-out access anywhere, anytime, from almost any device. It’s the best option for die-hard NFL fans. For any and all problems, call 1-877-399-8542 for help.

Can’t Watch Multiple Games with Sunday Ticket (or Multi-Device)

Last but not least, a question we see all the time is about watching more than one game at a time. Yes, you can absolutely watch more than one game at a time using the Game Mix mode. This actually lets you stream four games at once.

Watch four games at once and really get into the action

This works on any and all platforms. It’s one of the best parts of the Ticket. However, you CANNOT watch the NFL Sunday Ticket on more than one device at a time. There’s a big difference between multiple games at once, and multiple devices at once.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a friendly policy like Netflix or HBO with account sharing, and they lock this down tight. This means only one device can access your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription and account at any given time. Your kids can’t watch a game on their phone while you enjoy a different game in the living room.

Other DirecTV Sunday Ticket Problems

Millions of people enjoy the Ticket, and we probably didn’t catch every problem or frustrating bug fans will experience this season. Don’t worry though, as we’ll continuously update this post with new details as they’re available throughout the year.

For now, here’s a big list of NFL Sunday Ticket Troubleshooting Tips and FAQ for those still experiencing problems. This is a great place to start if you’re still stuck. You can see questions, answers, chat with a support rep, or call customer service for help.

And finally, we recommend you reach out to @DirecTVSERVICE on Twitter or @AT&THelp for quick and timely support. They’re fast to respond and will get someone on your case right away.

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1 Comment

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