NFL Sunday Ticket vs Sunday Ticket Max: What to Know

Now that football season is finally here, NFL fans around the globe have high expectations for their teams 2017-18 season. Teams have re-grouped and fans are looking for the best way to watch NFL on mobile devices. Here we’ll explain the difference between the NFL Sunday Ticket and Sunday Ticket Max. One of the best ways to enjoy NFL football on mobile devices.

Back in 2015, the NFL improved its streaming GamePass option. It now streams all 256 regular season, playoff, and even Super Bowl games to an array of devices. However, they aren’t live action, and only on-demand after games have ended. There is no fun in that, which is why the Sunday Ticket is your best bet.

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Even here in 2017 the options for watching sports live on mobile devices is still somewhat limited. That said, you do have a few different options. Below is what you need to know about Sunday Ticket Max, and why it matters for mobile users.


There are multiple ways to watch live NFL Football, but it’s still somewhat difficult and confusing. The NFL’s greed is getting in the way of fans around the globe being able to watch what they want, where they want. Being a Packers fan living in Las Vegas I rarely get to watch my team, but Sunday Ticket Max saves my season.

DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is hands-down the best way to enjoy Football, and most fans will agree. It’s free for new members moving to DirecTV and you get a bundled discount if you use AT&T too. The best part about the Sunday Ticket is you have access to every single game. It’s almost perfect, almost.

Again, the Sunday Ticket is free for new DirecTV customers and typically costs around $269 for current users. Sunday Ticket Max is $370 here in 2017, going up a little each year. You can split this into six monthly payments too if needed.

The NFL Sunday Tickets gets access to every out-of-market game on Sunday, and a lot more. It’s full of features, watching multiple games at once, and more.

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What you need though, is Sunday Ticket Max. Max costs around $100 more but delivers access to all the regular NFL Sunday Ticket features, plus premium features such as the RED ZONE CHANNEL, DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE, Short Cuts, and access to stream LIVE out-of-market games on your laptop, tablet, phone, console or streaming media device.

Highlighted in bold is the important information. Paying more for the Max plan gives you everything and more delivered to any mobile device. You cannot watch the NFL Sunday ticket on smartphones, tablets or consoles with the regular ticket, you must upgrade to Max.

With Sunday Ticket Max subscribers can download the DirecTV Sunday Ticket app for Android and iOS and stream all the games right on their device. This also works on iPad and Android tablets, as well as the Xbox 360, Xbox One, upcoming Xbox One X, PS4 and other media streaming devices. Here’s the full list of supported devices.

Basically, you’re paying a little more to stream the NFL Sunday Ticket to smartphones, tablets, computers, consoles and more. Remember, that’s out of market games though. Anything in your market is likely shown on regular TV. More information is available here.

Another option is Sunday Ticket TO GO, available without a TV and is separate from the regular Sunday Ticket plans.

  • Sunday Ticket TOGO $279 (4 payments of $49.99)
  • Sunday Ticket Max $370 (6 monthly payments)

However, we have some good news. If you don’t have DirecTV you can still get the NFL Sunday Ticket. Head to NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV and select from a few different options. One is for users that don’t have access to a DirecTV satellite. They claim this is only for those in apartments or areas where you cannot get DirecTV, but I was able to sign-up for To Go with no problem using my home address.

Sunday Ticket TOGO delivers everything you need to mobile devices only, for $279, or in four payments. This is strictly for mobile devices. Then they have a Connected Pass that allows access to games on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Roku. And finally, Max that covers anything and everything. If you don’t have DirecTV give some of the options above a try, although personally GO is the best choice. It’s also only $99 for college students, which is an awesome deal.

We know, there are a lot of packages and it’s hard to understand. In simple terms, DirecTV offers their regular Sunday Ticket for those at home, and an upgraded MAX version that gives everything the ticket has to offer to mobile devices as well. Then, there are some standalone mobile options (TOGO) like the ones mentioned above that are separate.

If you already have DirecTV and the Sunday Ticket, upgrade to Max and get all the football you can handle on your mobile devices. Good luck, and go Packers.

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