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Xbox One Problems and How to Fix Them



We’ll help you fix your Xbox One problems so you can get back to gaming in the limited time you have available. We’ve rounded up the most common Xbox One and Xbox One X problems including games, picture quality, TV issues and error codes and what you can do to solve the problems on your own. If you have Xbox One X 4K issues, you’ll want to go right to this guide.

We’ll show you how to fix common Xbox One problems on your own, without calling Microsoft, returning it or paying someone to fix an issue. With this guide you can get back to gaming faster. This will help you even when Xbox Live is down or there are other problems.

Xbox One Black Screen & Sidebar Broken

On January 30th Xbox Live problems struck again. Users are unable to download game updates, seeing an error that says, “You need this update, but we can’t get it right now.”, as well as a black screen on the Xbox One home screen. If you are experiencing this issue, you may also not be able to use the sidebar on the Xbox One that pops up when you press the Xbox button.’

If you connect with an Ethernet cable, unplug it and restart your Xbox One. This will allow you to play games offline. If you use WiFi, you will need to turn off your router, restart your Xbox and then forget the WiFi network or potentially choose Go offline. That may allow you to get back to playing offline games.

This is a widespread issue, and you will need to wait for Microsoft to fix the issue so that you can play again. After we unplugged the Xbox One and restarted the issue became worse with a black home screen and an unusable Xbox One X. All we can do is wait.

Microsoft is aware of the problem and is working on rolling back the change the caused the issue. There is no ETA.

The Xbox Support page is also down right now, so you should check Twitter and come back here for the latest updates on the problem.

How to Fix Xbox One Game Crashes

Do some of your Xbox One games crash often? If so you can take some steps to fix the crashes or freezes on your own. In many cases you just need to re-install the game, but it could also be a game issue — especially if you are playing PUBG. When a game crashes you can try the following steps.

  • Force Quit the Game – Go to the game tile on the home screen, press the button with three lines on your controller and then choose quit.
  • Power Cycle Your Console – Sometimes if you unplug your Xbox, wait a minute and plug it in, you’ll fix some crashes.
  • Uninstall the Game and Re-Install It – If all the crashes happen in the same game, you should uninstall it and then re-install it from the Manage My Apps & Games.

Some games are more prone to crashes, especially early access or new games. Make sure you check for updates, which can make games more reliable.

How to Fix Xbox One Update Problems

If you have problems installing the Xbox One update or right after installing the Xbox One update you are not alone. Common issues with the update include;

  • Your Xbox is Almost Full
  • There Was a Problem with the Update
  • Error codes
  • Getting stuck at the green startup animation
  • Staring at a black screen

Depending on the specific problem you may need to take a variety of actions. Here are some steps to try first.

If you see a message that you are out of space, go to My Games & Apps, find a game you don’t play anymore or a beta that is done, highlight it then press menu on the Xbox One controller and Uninstall. Now try to install the update.

How to fix common Xbox One problems.

How to fix common Xbox One problems.

When you see a message that there was a problem with the update, you may need to check your Internet connection. Go to Settings, Network and then Test Network Connection. This will find any issues and walk you through potential fixes.

In some cases you will need to find the Xbox One error code. Hold all the triggers and bumpers on your controller to see a specific error code.

Some error codes are related to issues you can fix, while others like the Xbox One Error Code E100 signal a hardware problem that means you will need a repair or replacement from Microsoft.

  • If you see Error Code E101, E203, E305, 800701e7  you will need to download and run the Offline System Update Diagnostic tool.
  • Error Code E200 or E204 you need to perform a full restart of the console, to get past it.
  • Error Code 8007019x, 8019019x, 87ddxx or 80072xxx means you need to check your network settings.

If you are stuck on the Xbox One Green Animation after installing an update hold the front button on the console for 10 seconds. Once it is off, unplug and wait 30 seconds then plug it back in and try the update again. If this fails and you are stuck on the green screen for 10 minutes or longer you need to use the Offline System Update Diagnostic tool. Users who see a black screen that lasts for 10 minutes should also run this tool.

How to Fix Xbox One Disc Problems

Gamers who buy Xbox One games on disc often run into Xbox One disc problems. Thankfully you can fix many of these issue on your own without exchanging a disc or spending time with complicated steps.

The first thing to try is wiping the disc with a clean damp cloth. If possible, try the disc at a friend’s house to find out if the problem is with your console or the disc itself.

If you are trying to watch a movie on a Blu-Ray, you will need to install the Blu-Ray app, which is free, to play the movie on your Xbox One.

If no discs will play at all, you should try turning off the Instant On mode. Go to Settings -> All Settings -> Power -> Power Mode -> Energy saving. Hold down the button on the front of the console for 10 seconds to shut it down. When this is complete, turn it back on and see if a disc will start. If it now works you can turn Instant On back on and the problem shouldn’t be an issue. If this does not fix the problem you will need to get the console repaired or replaced. Gamers who hear a grinding noise need to contact Microsoft for repair.

How to Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On

If the Xbox One will not turn on you will need to try a few different steps to fix this. In most cases you will not need to get a replacement for the Xbox One or the power supply, but that is a possibility.

The first thing to do is unplug all cables from the console and the wall, including the power supply. Wait 10 seconds. Do not skip this step. After waiting, plug the console back in and connect the power directly to the wall. You should now see a white or orange LED on the power supply if you have an original model. After a power outage, we’ve had to unplug the Xbox One power cable for a few seconds and then it started back up without unplugging all cables, so you may want to try that first.

Reboot the Xbox One.

Reboot the Xbox One.

Before going further, push the power button on the Xbox One and see if the light turns on. If it does, your Xbox One is getting power, but the screen may be blank.

Users who see a flashing orange LED or no LED at all will need to replace the power supply. Similar to the disc problems above, you may need to turn off Instant On Power Mode.

Make sure your Xbox One is on a flat surface and that you don’t block the fans built in. You should also try to plug the cord directly into the wall and to try another outlet.

How to Fix Xbox One TV Screen is Blank

When you try to play the Xbox One and the TV screen is blank you should try restarting the console. If that also fails you should check all your connections and try unplugging the console completely for 10 seconds.

Gamers who connect through a receiver of some kind should try connecting without it once. If that fixes it, try turning on your TV and waiting until the screen shows a picture, then the receiver and then the Xbox One. Make sure the TV is set to the right HDMI connection.

We’ve seen some issues where longer HDMI cables don’t work well with 4K on the Xbox One S or Xbox One X, Try a shorter cable or even just a new cable if you have issues.

How to Fix Xbox One Xbox Live Problems

The first thing to do if you cannot connect to Xbox Live is to check the status of the service online. When problems are with a specific game, look for the status of those servers.

If Xbox Live is online, but you are having problems, you should turn your router off and then back on. That can solve many problems.

You should use the built-in Xbox Detailed Network Statistics tool in settings to check how fast your internet connection is. If you don’t have a connection that delivers 3Mb/s down and 0.5Mb/s up reliably you may not be able to play games.

If you have Xbox Live problems on your Xbox One, you can wait for more information from Xbox Support and check the Xbox Live status page for more details. You may need to restart your Xbox One after the service is restored to gain full access.

Xbox Live Core Services are down which includes the following issues along with other service problems;

  • Creating new accounts on Xbox Live, managing those accounts, or recovering an account on a different device
  • Browsing the Xbox Video Store and the Xbox Music Store
  • Buying downloadable items
  • Downloading items that you have already purchased
  • Paying for downloadable items with stored currency, adding additional stored currency, or viewing your balance

If you are able to sign in, you may be able to play online in some games alone, but may experience issues if you join a party.

You can sign up to get notified when the Xbox Live is back up with a text message when you sign into your Xbox Live account and enter a U.S. phone number.

Keep in mind Xbox Live typically goes down more during the holidays due to more people playing and sometimes due to nefarious groups trying to crash the service just to annoy other people.

Gamers who have voice chat problems or issues joining games should check the fix below.

How to Fix Xbox One Voice Chat Problems

Fix Xbox One NAT problems.

Fix Xbox One NAT problems.

Other Xbox Live problems include the inability to hear people in a party. This can happen when someone is on a strict NAT or moderate NAT. Ideally you want to be on an Open NAT so that the Xbox has great communication to the Internet and can enable voice chat and playing games online reliably.

This will take some time and you will need access to your router and to your console to check and change settings. Use this guide from Microsoft to get started troubleshooting your Xbox One NAT problems.

Another potential solution is to put your Xbox One in the DMZ of your router or enable Quality of Service to prioritize the Xbox One and Xbox Live. Google your router and Xbox One settings to find specific help.

We’ve also run into issues where there is lint in the headphone jack on your controller, so keep that cleaned out with canned air or with a toothpick and see if that solves the problem.

How to Fix Not Being Able to Play Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One

There are new updates that allow you to play Xbox 360 games and Xbox games on your Xbox One, but they need to be on the list. If you are trying to play a Xbox 360 game on your Xbox One, you need to make sure it is part of the Xbox Backwards Compatibility list.

Games that are not on the list, will not play. You may also need to make sure you have the latest update on your Xbox One to play these games.

How to Fix Not Being Able to Play Games Offline

If you run into an issue where you cannot play a game because Xbox Live is down, you need to set your console as the home Xbox. Ideally, you should do this before you have issues since you might not be able to turn this on at that time, but sometimes you can do it while you are having problems.

  1. Go to System Settings > Personalization > My home Xbox.
  2. Choose one of the options below:
    • Make this my home Xbox.
    • This is not my home Xbox.
 You can only have one console as your home Xbox at a time. You can change this up to five times a year. If you have this console set as your home console, you can play your games when offline, traveling without an Internet connection or when Xbox Live is down.

How to Fix Xbox One Does Not Recognize External Hard Drive

If you’ve added storage to your Xbox One with a hard drive so that you can install more games there are some times where it will not show up.

When this happens, power the console off. Unplug the hard drive from the USB port and then plug it back in and turn the Xbox One back on.

This should solve most problems with external hard drives.

How to Fix Xbox One Game Install Problems

Sometimes you cannot install a Xbox One game. This can leave the game at 0% for a long time. This often happens when the system cannot download an update for the game. You may need to set the console to offline mode, cancel the download, eject the game and then power cycle it. Follow the steps in this guide to fix Xbox One game installation problems.

How to Fix Xbox One Game Freezes

Fix a frozen Xbox One game.

Fix a frozen Xbox One game.

We often run into an issue where the Xbox One game freezes or crashes. If this happens you can normally fix it in less than a minute.

Press the home button on your controller to go to the home screen. With the game highlighted press the menu button and close the game. Then you should try starting the game.

If this does not fix the problems, restart the console completely by holding the power button on the Xbox One for 10 seconds.

How to Fix Xbox One Kinect Problems

Microsoft no longer includes the Kinect system with the Xbox One, but if you have one you can continue to use it with the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. If you have the newer models, you will need to get a Kinect USB adapter to be able to plug it in. This lets you control the console by voice or gesture, but it’s not actively being developer for anymore.


A common Xbox One problem is a Kinect sensor that doesn’t work right.

Users who run into issues with the Kinect should run the setup process again. Users should also make sure the Kinect is firmly plugged in to the Xbox One. It may be a good idea to disconnect and reconnect the Kinect.

The next step is to set up the Kinect for the current room. This is important if you have change the placement of the Kinect or moved the Xbox to another room. This process checks the camera and tunes the Kinect audio for the room. After performing these steps we experienced fewer Kinect errors.

Set up the Kinect to fix this common Xbox One problem.

Set up the Kinect to fix this common Xbox One problem.

Go to Settings -> Kinect -> I moved my Kinect or I’m having trouble with Kinect.

This will walk users through a setup to calibrate the device. If there are still problems users can reset the Xbox One by turning the console off for 2 minutes, unplugging all cables and then connecting everything again.

How to Stop the Xbox Turning Off

Some users report that the Xbox One is turning off randomly, preventing them from playing games. This is not as common, but arguably a bigger Xbox One problem than Kinect issues. When this happens the Xbox One may turn off and not immediately allow users to turn it back on.

Xbox One Problems - Turning Off Randomly

A common Xbox One problem is the console turning off.

If this happens often, it may be overheating. Make sure it is on a stable surface that is flat and not on carpet or some other fabric. If you have the original Xbox One, it could also be from a pet pressing the conductive button on the front of the console.

How to Fix Xbox One Sound Problems

Another common Xbox One problem revolves around the sound coming out of the Xbox One. Some users report that audio is very quiet, audio is missing or audio only coming out of one speaker. The Xbox One uses an HDMI cable and an optical audio cable to send sound to a HDTV or home theater, and this is the first place to look if you experience this Xbox One problem.

Check the Display and Sound settings to fix this Xbox One problem.

Check the Display and Sound settings to fix this Xbox One problem. Image via Xbox Support.

If possible switch to a new HDMI cable or optical cable to rule out a damaged cable. Most HDMI and optical cables are resilient, but it is possible to damage one. If this is the first time you are setting up an Xbox One with these cables, double-check your connections on the Xbox and the TV.

If this does not fix the solution trying resetting the Xbox One by unplugging everything after letting it sit for 2 minutes. Another possible fix is to check out the Xbox One Settings for sounds to see if things are configured correctly.

These solutions should fix the most common Xbox One problems, but if there are still issues that prevent users from playing Microsoft is the next step. Users can use the contact option on Xbox to talk with a support professional.

How to Fix Lag on Xbox One Games

If you run into lag on your Xbox One games, you should check your Internet connection. Many times you may simply be too far from your router to get a good connection. It could also be a problem with your router or Internet speeds.

The first thing to do is restart your router. Once that is done, go to the Network settings on your console. To do this, open Settings, All Settings, Network, Network Settings. Here you can test your Network connection. You should see a speed near what you pay your provider for. If you see very slow speeds you need to take action.

  1. Restart your router.
  2. Move your router and Xbox One closer to each other.
  3. Run a network cable to your Xbox One.

If the speeds are still to slow, you should try contacting your ISP to see if there is a problem with your service. Keep in mind that they will want to test the speed directly at the modem.

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  1. Paul Bertanees

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    My new Xbox will not load any of my games, it just flicks back to the main screen, my controller wont operate with machine at all from time to time. at the moment its a combination of the two.
    I have loaded two games directly onto the machine/purchased without a disk and that’s all.
    Also a couple of times my Kinect would not operate but I think it was getting to hot as I had it on top of the Xbox one.
    The Xbox one is sitting on top of my TV cabinet so it shouldn’t be overheating I turned it on first time today and it wont load my games and a few minutes later the controller wont work as well/ it turns on but wont respond and its not flat fully charged up.

  2. B J Catt

    03/23/2014 at 4:28 pm

    I had this problem just unplug it make sure its disconnected from the power for 5 min than plug it back in and it should reboot and work again I’ve had to do it every few weeks but it works

  3. Kieran Wade

    04/29/2014 at 5:39 am

    XBOX one is the greatest failure on Earth

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  6. dad

    06/21/2014 at 1:18 pm

    My xbox one shows a pink screen I can here the sound but a pink screen

    • Annoying Skeptic Bartley

      01/17/2016 at 3:59 pm

      Check the HDMI Is secure, give it a wiggle, see if the screen changes. Get another device to check the HDMI connection is working.

    • Kim Norrman

      04/23/2016 at 4:55 am

      ik this is late but the same problem you had happend me today, you just need to unplug and plug in ur hdmi cable (the one that is left on the tv), well atleast mine :)

  7. ritchie

    07/02/2014 at 5:06 pm

    My Xbox one won’t let me sign into my gamer profile , it just says try in a few minutes but it won’t work..

    • Eva

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      Try going litly or leve it for a day or so

  8. Wayne

    07/16/2014 at 6:13 pm

    Just bought my brand new xbox one today I have spent 6 hours trying to get it to install games it gets to 84% and stops. Spoke to xbox support for an hour still didn’t work figured out I had to install off line it installed went to play the game it said it had an update and I had to go back online it’s been an hour and a half still no game and now the kinect is saying its unplugged and it’s not. Biggest waste of money I have every spent I will be returning it in the morning
    I am not satisfied with this system at all.

  9. andala Stewart

    07/28/2014 at 7:41 pm

    well my problem is that after installing my gamest. they work, offline at least. but as soon as I update they stay stuck at main menu. like cod ghost it’s stuck at mask. I’ve uninstalled multiple time and downloaded the updates again. but as soon as I update they won’t work offline or online. I’ve tried the system reset thing. didn’t work. .mine is a day one edition. I just started using it. playing online is important to me. other wise I wouldn’t get the membership every year. so about to throw this shit out the window. I just want to play I have season passes and things I need to download for these games that I paid for. ugh…

  10. Ern

    08/30/2014 at 11:56 am

    i purchsded new madden today,let it install only took 30 mins,played 2-3 hrs as it wrkd perfectly,so i go to play nxt day and it days to update and install,i said wtf,then it took forever,i called support on the phone for a hour they couldnt hlp,im pissed,and i threw my reciept away xbox1 needs to handle this situation its not fair to gamers,who spend they hard earn money on something u cant enjoy

  11. suddenmartin

    09/08/2014 at 6:58 am

    My X box one works perfectly but there is one anoying thing. I have My xone connected to my dolby surround system and proximility every 15 minutes the sound glitches so that i cant hear the sound. Its like he disconect for a second en then continues….

  12. Larry

    10/14/2014 at 1:44 pm

    I have the same problem as suddenmartin my Xbox one is connected through an audio amp and every 15 mins ish the sound stops for 1 second then back again. Also if I use headphones. Very annoying. Any ideas?

  13. Jill

    11/27/2014 at 12:53 pm

    The Nintendo from 1985 works better than this epic failure. It took several days for a game that came with the system to completely download. Microsoft loves to blame internet connection but when everything else not Microsoft works, it’s pretty obvious where the faulty lies. Biggest piece of garbage ever created. Tre people responsible should consider seppuku if they had any honor left.

  14. Helio

    12/21/2014 at 4:57 pm

    My Xbox one was turning off by itself while watching Netflix every 20 minutes or so. Someone suggested that instead of using wifi to use the cable for Internet and since I started using the cable I never experienced this problem anymore. I thought I would share…

  15. Darren

    12/25/2014 at 7:39 am

    My console doesnt like being moved to another tv. Which is a big problem for my son who takes it to his friends house. The controller turns the xbox on but then flashes and wont allow control on screen. ie controller useless. Wtf is going on? I didnt fork out £350 so he couldn’t move it.

  16. Judy

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    Graphics going crazy!!! Brand new from xmas wth!

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  24. Nero

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    Been updating brand new Xbox one for 3hrs now. Still only at 36% complete. This is horrible. Wish I would of got the ps4 instead. I wonder how many days it’s going to take before I can actually play a game.

  26. Tim

    12/28/2015 at 1:15 am

    Just setting up the XBOX ONE for my lad and have come up with the error code 0x80a40019, when trying to set up his brand new profile. Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?

  27. Heidi

    12/28/2015 at 2:04 am

    Brand new Xbox one for Christmas and there is no sound what so ever Microsoft want to offer me a refurbished console. Really !!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Teamchambie

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    It’s a peice of crap! Going back to Best Buy! My poor kids are sad.

    • Jared

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      Slefish bitch! Do you know how far the gaming industry has come? Can you just pain through a day or two instead of being a rich prick?

  29. trudy

    01/01/2016 at 4:50 am

    need some advice please. bought my daughter an xbox one for xmas, all went well for a few days now when we try to access netflix or utube controller freezes. not sure what to do any help would be appreciated, thanks

    • Josh Brazeal

      01/14/2016 at 10:54 am

      My netflix gets very laggy from time to time- to the point where if i push a button, netflix wont show it for a minute or more. Rebooting my router always solves the problem. Idk why- everything else always works fine.

    • Ruthie

      03/04/2016 at 4:29 pm

      We’ve just had the exact problem. Solved it by closing the app and re opening it

  30. jose

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    My Xbox one turns on randomly & its on power save mode , any suggestions?

  31. THE DOG

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  32. stafford dundon

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    what the !#$^ is going on xbox gets to 77% download on update from xbox and will go no further micosoft wanted $200 to fix it so what the f^*# this problem started with them so you idiots better fix it because I have invested serious money on this system and games so I say again what the f%#$ .

  33. Alfred

    02/01/2016 at 3:49 pm

    My Xbox One worked fine at the beginning , however now it will not allow me to connect to my wireless network. It keeps telling me to check my network name and password, have done this and even tried a smart phone hotspot right next to the console. Have attempted a factory reset which then came looking for a network still couldn’t connect and now I am screwed. Any body want to buy this P.O.S.

  34. Michael Crank

    02/05/2016 at 6:14 pm

    Anybody dealt with a flashing light while is running

  35. Noah

    02/20/2016 at 1:19 am

    when I try to watch videos on YouTube the screen starts to stutter but the audio is fine, or the whole screen goes green

  36. Arturo Landa

    02/24/2016 at 6:37 pm

    I have a problem that I get a random update about the game disc I put in, poping up and is 10.3 gb and when I click on the game again it works and can play online but at the same time it just keeps downloading and don’t know if it’s reinstalling the same game please help been having this prob for a week?!

  37. jordan

    02/26/2016 at 12:13 pm

    My xbox one turns off only when I play a certain game, if I play or run anything else the console is fine but if I play this one game it will turn off after about half an hour so I don’t know what to do I’ve tried restarting it and rebooting it but nothing seems to work

    • Josh

      03/11/2016 at 2:16 pm

      Could be a hard drive error. Try deleting the game from your system and reinstalling.

  38. Grant

    02/28/2016 at 1:26 pm

    My games have no sound when interaction with other characters. ..??

  39. Wesley

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  41. Jeffrey

    03/13/2016 at 3:10 pm

    Recently, my xbox one has just stopped working. While I can still turn it on with the the icon being white, the screen stays blank, and the remotes and Kinect will not turn on or sync to the console. I have tried multiple hdmi cords, all not working, have tried rebooting the console, even moved everything to a different tv just to try it, still not working. I don’t know what to do, and would prefer not to take it in for repair. Please help!!!!!!

  42. Chris Douglas

    03/21/2016 at 1:09 am

    Stuffed around with video display setting. And now all i have is a flashing green pixelated scree. Wont change no matter what i do? Its a week old and was fine before i starded tinkering trying to get it to 1080p. And help would be greatly appreciated.

  43. Miguel

    03/22/2016 at 10:54 pm


  44. Miguel M

    03/22/2016 at 10:56 pm

    So my Xbox says I can’t play online UNLESS I have gold but I do and I’ve tried the power button method and connection method as well and still can’t tried finding videos and websites and still nothing……

  45. UnsatisfiedCustomer292782

    03/24/2016 at 7:21 am

    Can’t stand this, companies should be fined for releasing a product like this with so poor quality control. My problem is I can’t even use the hyped backcompat because it won’t sync and sign in my xbox one gamercard (which i got from the 360) into the game. Gets stuck at a downloading 360 info screen and then wont let me connect to xbox live to download my profile!!! Tested my internet and configured it for max speed open nat, and it works fine. Just the emulator isn’t snycing with the xbox one’s internet or something! On my second console with the same exact problem with multiple factory resets! I have dmz’d, port forwarded and even called customer support! Microsoft is of no help at all on this issue and don’t even recognize it as a problem that they have! Save yourself some money and get a ps4 or a refund is all I can say. -1 out of 10 stars.

  46. Alexis

    03/27/2016 at 8:45 pm

    When I first got my Xbox everything was fine then when I would play any game it would just turn off randomly then I would have to unplug it and plug it back in after 30 seconds so I sent it back in then it was fine again but now I can’t even play a game for more than 5 minutes without it turning off and it is not overheating. What do I do?

  47. maria gonzalez

    03/30/2016 at 10:44 pm

    You got any of that for xbox360? Cant update. I need help

  48. karl

    04/01/2016 at 7:57 am

    i updated my xbox the other day but now whenever i start it up i cant do anything, there’s a box on the right telling me to connect to my xbox and when i click on it it doesn’t do anything . when go into network settings it says i’m connected and when i try to go into a game it says i need to connect, i’ve done everything including unplugging it, unplugging my internet, etc. please help

  49. Joe

    04/01/2016 at 10:36 pm

    Everytime i shut off my one, it stays connected, and running even though i signed out of my profile and actually held my finger on the xbox white light until i completely turns off, but it doesn’t, bcuz i can see my external hard drive is still on. So i have to unplug it from the wall, so i can get a good wifi signal to whatever else i need to use. My question is why does it stay connected and on?

  50. Scott kirkham kirkham

    04/05/2016 at 10:26 am

    it didn’t help. I need to no how to keep my sound in the place I put it bc i turn the game volume down but It stays on even if I change it back

  51. Scott kirkham

    04/05/2016 at 10:28 am

    I changed my sound coming out the headset but wen I looked back at it was how it was before I changed it

  52. Heather Noll

    04/05/2016 at 1:22 pm

    My parents got me and my boyfriend an xbox one for our birthdays. We got it we up at my house (has wifi) and got the game we got updated and installed. And we had disconnected the WiFi and it was worki mg like should and it would let us play multiplayer on it also (while wifi wasn’t connected). Then we took it to his camper (has no wifi) and it wouldnt work for multiplayer and it wouldn’t let the second player sign in to play like it did at my house. Help?

  53. mike

    04/11/2016 at 4:40 am

    My Xbox problem is if I hold down any button the Xbox menu comes up. It’s not the pad I’ve checked.

  54. Dante

    04/23/2016 at 1:29 pm

    My problem: I can’t read my messages/i’m appearing offline. I can’t go on anyone profile (so can’t add anyone) i turned off/restarted completely my xbox one… nothing changes. I can’t see if a friend is online (he isn’t in my friend list i wanted to add him he sees me online even if i say him i’m online or playing with him in Dark Souls 3) this problem appeared for no reason I was playing Dark Souls 3, then suddenly, i wanted to add him and then i saw that… restarted 3-4 times, nothing changes. My connexion is high (84mb download, +100mb upload) i don’t understand what’s wrong

  55. Genie

    05/09/2016 at 6:38 pm

    Every time I plug in a remote to the second remote port, my xbox turns off. A couple times, it will stay powered on but it wont recognize the remote. Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

  56. Herb

    05/11/2016 at 10:29 am

    My Xbox One console won’t let me go to the main screen. I can play games but if I press the main menu button on my control it won’t go to the select screen. I tried both controllers and both of them work fine except for the main menu button and they’re brand new. Any suggestions?

  57. Scott

    05/12/2016 at 5:45 pm

    Seems since last update, my xbox one does not send sound to my AVR, though works when I switch to TV speakers via my AVR. The AVR successfully sends audio to speakers with 360 plugged in, but not with Xbox one as source. Switched all ports and chords, and seems that it’s only source issue with Xbox one, yet Xbox one sends sound to tv through AVR (both Sony).

  58. Keith

    06/13/2016 at 9:05 am

    Judging from the extensive problems everyone is reporting on the x box one, looks to me like a massive class-action lawsuit is in order. From reading the complaints is is obvious that Microsoft is not interested in, or is unable, to fix the problems. To simply ignore the situation is inexcusable. We all bought the system with the expectation of the “one” being state of the art, which, in the rush to market, does not exist. I paid $350.00 for mine and have had the worst experience with, glitches, freezes, loss of picture and lost episodes. On Fallout 4, on a recent attempt to start-up and continue I accidentally tapped “new”, instantly losing 130 levels of play. Noe I can’t even get the game, or any other game to start-up. We have a 360 console that works fine but won’t play the 10 or so x box one games that we have purchased. To date we have almost $700 in games on top of the $359 for the “one”. Time for class action and/or recalls on poor quality.

  59. Pedro Jimenez

    07/17/2016 at 7:03 pm

    My xbox turns on but whenever I try connecting it to wifi it completely restarts itself, I tried connecting it to the router but it says that no cable is connected.

  60. stefan

    07/27/2016 at 11:28 am

    cant sign in

  61. jude grenyer

    08/17/2016 at 12:32 pm

    my xbox since today will now only say you have to syncronise it on every game and app and then it said “try again” and “go offline” do you know how to fix this as when you click try again it happens again and go offline dose not work.

  62. jude grenyer

    08/18/2016 at 3:31 am

    it lives on ;(

  63. Ollie

    12/29/2016 at 4:10 pm

    I’ve literally just played for 20 minutes – the game cut out and the screen went black. Everytime I’ve turned it off and unplugged this from the mains it will boot to the dashboard for 2/3 seconds and then go back to the black screen – Please can someone help?!

  64. H3KZ

    02/17/2017 at 3:16 pm

    I just recently moved, and had my xbox completly unpluged for about 3 days, now when i turn it on it takes a while to load up, my controller doesnt respond properly and when i select thing it does not select, pretty much freezes any time i do select something, and iv been trying to get into my settings.. iv restarted my console held the button down 10 secs and unplugged it checked my hdmi waiting 2 hours im not sure what to do next.

  65. Josh

    02/25/2017 at 11:10 am

    I’ve been having same issue as H3KZ for last 2 weeks. I also have day one console and part of preview program.

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