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10 Cool Things the OnePlus 7 Pro Can Do



Change & Customize the On-Screen Buttons (Or get rid of them)

Change & Customize the On-Screen Buttons (Or get rid of them)

OnePlus phones are some of the most user-friendly and customizable on the market. You can add themes and change the look or feel of almost everything. This year they even added an option to let owners change the accent color of the user interface, which is awesome. 

From the settings menu, notification bar icons (battery percentage meter) and more is customizable.

One thing everyone loves to change is the On-screen navigation keys. There are a few important reasons for this too. For one, you might want to change or move the back button to the left or right side of the screen, especially if you're coming from a Samsung phone.

You can change the on-screen keys completely. From where they're located, how often you see them, or you can hide them completely if you'd like. Hide them and use gestures to control the phone like Tony Stark or like an iPhone, instead of using buttons. Buttons are so 2016.  

Go to Settings > Buttons > and look at all of your options

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