10 Cool Things the OnePlus 7 Pro Can Do
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10 Cool Things the OnePlus 7 Pro Can Do



Use the Alert Slider (and customize it)

Use the Alert Slider (and customize it)

Is it just me, or does every phone need an alert slider like OnePlus and iPhone devices? 

The alert slider is one of the company's signature features. It's similar to the iPhone slider only better, textured, and customizable. It's the button-like switch on the right side of the phone. 

OnePlus gives you three different slider positions for sound profiles. However, to expand on that each one is somewhat customizable. This way you can instantly silence your entire phone, silence everything but alarms, or silence everyone but one specific contact.

All of this just works and happens without turning the screen on. Simply flip the alert slider and you're all done. Or, go to Settings > Alert Slider > and adjust each option as you see fit. By default you have Ring, Do Not Disturb, and Silent, but you can change things up to whatever fits your needs. 

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