10 Cool Things the OnePlus 7 Pro Can Do
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10 Cool Things the OnePlus 7 Pro Can Do



Better Cameras (3x Zoom, Wide Angle, Night Mode)

Better Cameras (3x Zoom, Wide Angle, Night Mode)

Obviously, a big aspect and upgrade on this phone is the triple cameras on the back. This year the company added a 3rd lens to better compete with Samsung, Apple, and even Google, and so far people are loving it. 

The main camera is a 48MP sensor binned down to 12MP for improved photos, but you can capture full resolution 48MP shots if you want. However, it's the other two cameras that are important. 

Above the main 48MP sensor is an all-new 16MP wide-angle lens that gives you a wider field of view, a different experience for photos, and lets you be more creative than any other OnePlus phone. We've loved the wide-angle shots from the S10 and LG phones, and now OnePlus offers it too. 

Furthermore, the third camera below the main sensor does something pretty neat too. It's a telephoto zoom lens that's 3x closer than the regular camera without losing quality. You're not digitally zooming in, so the image looks great. Obviously, the main camera is the best one, but the other two are still great. 

Plus, the company added a pretty capable night mode you'll really enjoy that makes taking photos at night actually doable, and usable. Not to mention some big updates in June and July of 2019 made the camera better and faster. 

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