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6 Exciting Assassin’s Creed Origins Features



Refreshed Assassin Combat

Assassin’s Creed Origins uses three new combat features to make assassinating enemies in this game way more interesting than in previous titles.

First, there are weapons types and weapon rarity. With weapon rarity, less common weapons have better perks and deal more damage. Swords, long weapons, bows, heavy weapons and shields come in common, rare and legendary variants.

Ubisoft says that Assassin’s Creed Origins does not rely on the animated and structured combat from the previous games. You decide which limb Bayek attacks first and how deadly that hit is. Building up Adrenaline lets you drop more deadly attacks even faster. The game also forces you to approach each situation carefully. Enemies take positioning and timing into account when they attack you too, which is why you need a shield.

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