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11 Exciting iPad Pro Features



iPad Pro Stylus - iPad Pencil

iPad Pro Stylus - iPad Pencil

The iPad Pro stylus is official and while Steve Jobs famously degraded tablets that required a stylus, Apple is pushing ahead with the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro.

This iPad Pro Stylus option is a $99 accessory that allows users to write on the iPad Pro display with pixel-perfect accuracy according to Apple.

Apple promises that the iPad Pro stylus delivers "Virtually no lag." The iPad Pro can sense when you are using the iPad Pencil and when you are using the finger and sensors allow you to draw thinner or thicker lines based on how hard you press. Sensors also detect the angle to allow for shading effects.

The iPad Pencil boasts 12 hours of battery life, charges with the iPad Pro's Lightning Port and can get 30 minutes of power in 15 seconds.

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