Far Cry 5 Season Pass: 3 Reasons to Buy & 2 to Wait

There are some good reasons to buy the Far Cry 5 Season Pass now, but there are almost as many reasons to wait before you buy. The Far Cry 5 DLC will come as three episodes and you also get Far Cry 3 if you buy the Season Pass. After you spend $60 on Far Cry 5, you will need to spend more if you want the additional content.

The Far Cry 5 Season Pass price is $30. That lines up with the price you pay if you buy the Gold Edition digitally, which includes the Season Pass as part of the content. The Far Cry 5 release date is March 27th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

There are many Far Cry 5 editions you can buy that include the season pass, and thankfully many Far Cry 5 deals that include the season pass. You can also wait and find out more information, and buy the Far Cry 5 DLC later.

Is the Far Cry 5 Season Pass Worth Buying?

Is the Far Cry 5 Season Pass worth buying?
Is the Far Cry 5 Season Pass worth buying?

When you buy the Far Cry 5 Season Pass, you are buying three episodes of a standalone DLC. At this stage it looks like these will be mini episodes that you can play through three different story modes. It’s not clear how open these locations will be, how the Far Cry 5 mechanics will translate and how long you can expect to play in each. There are three different locations;

  • Dead Living Zombies – B Movie Zombie Fun
  • Hours of Darkness – Take on the Viet Cong in Vietnam
  • Lost on Mars – Own Mars, just like Elon.

The lack of information about the Far Cry 5 Season Pass is what makes it a tough recommendation right now, but the upside is that you can get a pretty solid deal if you buy the Gold Edition of the game. It also helps that you get the single player portion of Far Cry 3 as part of the Season Pass, and you get it four weeks ahead of it going on sale this summer.

Here are the reasons to buy the Far Cry 5 Season Pass, or to go big and buy the Far Cry 5 Gold Edition that includes the DLC and the Far Cry 3 Classic Edition bonus, and a few reasons not to buy it yet.

Buy If You Complete Every Far Cry Game

Buy If You Complete Every Far Cry Game
$30.00 from Amazon

Do you always beat every Far Cry game you buy? If this is a game you'll run to completion or that you will replay over and over, it makes sense to get the Far Cry 5 Season Pass so that you get the most you can out of your purchase. 

Yes, you will need to spend $30 more than the base game, but you will get to play something you know that you enjoy and you'll get to play in new locations. It's been a while since we've had a good game set in Vietnam. 

Assuming you've already watched all the early Far Cry 5 gameplay videos and you know you are buying the game, this is a purchase you should consider making up front since you are already a Far Cry 5 fan. 

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