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Best Far Cry 5 Deals



Here are the best Far Cry 5 deals that will help you save big on the game without waiting for the price to drop. You can even save on the special Far Cry 5 editions that include lots of bonus items and the Far Cry 5 Season Pass. You can save up to $30 on Far Cry 5 right now. $10 in savings ends on the release date.

It’s important to save on the base game if you plan to buy the Far Cry 5 Season Pass that we’ve just learned includes zombies, Vietnam, Mars and a copy of Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. If you buy the Gold Edition, it comes with the season pass and you can stack your discount on all at once. This of course means you have to decide if you want the DLC content before you buy and play the game.

If you decide to buy Far Cry 5, you need to make sure you find the best deals on the game so that you can make your gaming budget go farther.

Best Far Cry 5 Deals

Here are the best Far Cry 5 deals.

Here are the best Far Cry 5 deals.

You can save up to $30 on Far Cry 5 if you buy the Gold Edition and you stack deals to maximize the savings and get the season pass if you want it. The best Far Cry 5 deals are from Best Buy and Amazon, and require you to join Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked or Amazon Prime.

Best Buy offers a $12 discount on the base version of the game with Gamers Club Unlocked, $14 off Deluxe and $20 off Far Cry 5 Gold Edition with the membership. Gamers Club Unlocked is $30 for two years and includes 20% off new games, a trade-in bonus and other benefits. If you buy three games a year it is worth using.

You can also get a $10 reward certificate when you pre-order Far Cry 5 even without Gamers Club Unlocked, which means you can save $22 to $30 when you stack the two discounts. The $10 reward is good on a future purchase, but again if you buy a few games a year you can use it to lower the price of your next game. This is where I am buying Far Cry 5.

Amazon offers the standard edition for $47.99, the same $12 discount that Best Buy offers, if you are an Amazon Prime member. You can also get $20 off the Gold Edition and $14 off the Deluxe Edition. You just need to be an Amazon Prime member and add the game to your cart. This deal is good through two weeks after the release date. There is no additional $10 reward to sweeten the deal.

When to Expect Bigger Far Cry 5 Deals

Buy now if you want a decent Far Cry 5 season pass deal.

Buy now if you want a decent Far Cry 5 season pass deal.

Don’t expect major Far Cry 5 deals to emerge that beat these deals in the month after the release date. There will not likely be any kind of trade-in bonus for older games and it’s unlikely that we will see anything greater than 20% plus $10 off Far Cry 5 for several months after the launch.

If you are thinking of buying the Season Pass, you may want to go with the Gold Edition which will get you the only discount we expect on the Season Pass for at least three or four months after the release date.

Far Cry 5 Season Pass: 3 Reasons to Buy & 1 to Wait A Little Longer

Buy If You Complete Every Far Cry Game

Buy If You Complete Every Far Cry Game
$30.00 from Amazon

Do you always beat every Far Cry game you buy? If this is a game you'll run to completion or that you will replay over and over, it makes sense to get the Far Cry 5 Season Pass so that you get the most you can out of your purchase. 

Yes, you will need to spend $30 more than the base game, but you will get to play something you know that you enjoy and you'll get to play in new locations. It's been a while since we've had a good game set in Vietnam. 

Assuming you've already watched all the early Far Cry 5 gameplay videos and you know you are buying the game, this is a purchase you should consider making up front since you are already a Far Cry 5 fan. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Garrett

    03/28/2018 at 11:48 am

    As a revision note, Amazon has recently (and quietly) adjusted their policy on 20% game savings for Prime members. It now only applies to pre-orders through Prime. Once the clock turns to its official release date, the deal is off.

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