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FIFA 17 vs FIFA 16: 7 Reasons You Should Buy FIFA 17



FIFA 17 Smarter Players with Active Intelligence

FIFA 17 Smarter Players with Active Intelligence

FIFA 16 delivered AI upgrades that helped team mates make space, but it isn't a perfect system. With FIFA 17 Active Intelligence should improve this experience with new enhancements.

Active Intelligence in FIFA 17 makes each player aware of their surroundings and how close they are to team mates and defenders. With this information players will move, read and react to your decisions with the ball better than in FIFA 16.

When you have the ball players will recognize if you cannot pass at that moment or pick up on a run so that they can show or change to run for support. You'll see teammates make fake runs and stunt runs to help draw attention and open up your attack with multiple players.

This should allow your teammates to take on a more active role in attacks than in FIFA 16.



  1. John Tom

    09/02/2016 at 6:03 am

    Do you know any website from where I can download FIFA 17 on android or PC? I came across some emulators but they are not working

    But it doesn’t seem to be working. I tried few more websites like this:

    But nothing is working. I really want to play fifa 17 on PC using emulator or origin.

    Please tell me.


  2. The “Big Chapp” Show

    09/09/2016 at 5:33 pm

    wait, you cant create your own player in the My Journey? WTF!? Then its not your journey, its EA’s journey


    10/07/2016 at 3:50 am

    i was expecting awarding ballondor and medals after team taking trophy so how far have you gone about that thanx

  4. Killiantje

    03/03/2017 at 4:15 am

    You shouldn’t buy fifa 17. It is exactly the same as fifa 16 but they just changed the 6 into a 7. That took them 1 year to make and they made a picture of Manuel Reus doing some weird stuff. The ultimate team became even more boring. Its hard to shoot your ball because its almost impossible to aim.

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