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FIFA 18 Pre-Order Guide: 5 Reasons to Buy & 3 Reasons to Wait



You Want Pre-Order Bonuses

You Want Pre-Order Bonuses

EA offers several added items when you pre-order FIFA 18, which will help you out in FIFA Ultimate Team. Retailers list these as pre-order bonuses, so they are available for a limited time -- but you technically can get away without a pre-order in many cases. 

That said, if you want to make sure you get the FIFA 18 pre-order bonuses, you should go ahead and buy FIFA 18 ahead of the release date. Even the standard edition of FIFA 18 comes with bonus items including;

 -- $15 worth of Jumbo Premium Gold Packs

 -- a 5-match Cristiano Ronaldo loan item

 -- 8 special edition FUT Kits

The bonus is bigger for the Ronaldo Edition and for the special ICON edition that is digital only. With the ICON edition, you can't cancel your order if you buy it right on your console, but if you order through GameStop or Amazon you should have that option. 

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