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FIFA 18 Pre-Order Guide: 5 Reasons to Buy & 3 Reasons to Wait



Wait for the FIFA 18 Demo

Wait for the FIFA 18 Demo

One of the biggest reasons to wait to place your FIFA 18 pre-order is that there is a FIFA 18 demo coming on September 15th. This is a free demo that will let you play a full game of FIFA with a limited selection of teams. 

You will be able to test out the new FIFA 18 features for yourself and see the graphical enhancements to decide if the game is worth buying on your own time and with your own opinions. 

We expect to see the FIFA 18 demo on the Xbox One, PS4 and on PC. We don't expect to see one on the Nintendo Switch. The Xbox Store listed the FIFA 18 demo already, so we know it is coming. 

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