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FIFA 18 Pre-Order Guide: 5 Reasons to Buy & 3 Reasons to Wait



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Wait for FIFA 18 Reviews

Wait for FIFA 18 Reviews

Finally, one of the biggest reasons not to pre-order FIFA 18 is that we don't know how good the game will be. There are no FIFA 18 reviews yet, and even people who could play it at Gamescom and EA Play haven't shared much about how they liked it. 

Many gamers should wait until the FIFA 18 reviews arrive in late September to see how the game plays across multiple modes. This is especially important for players who are frustrated with how FUT and other specialized modes worked in FIFA 17. 

We expect that you will see FIFA 18 reviews land near the FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition release date as embargos lift and possibly earlier due to the EA Access trial starting on September 21st. 

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