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5 Reasons to Buy Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass, 3 Reasons To Wait



The Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass is here with 100 levels that you can start unlocking now. There are loads of rewards, skins and new contrails that you can unlock with the Battle Pass.

We’ll help you decide if you want to spend V-Bucks on a new Battle Pass. The Fortnite Season 4 theme centers around superheros and you can browse the skins in the game. Even though there is a new Fortnite Avengers mashup, these are not coming to Fortnite Battle Royale.

If you’ve bought the last two Battle Passes, you may know all of these things already, but if like many of my friends you are joining Fortnite for the first time during April or May, this is what you need to know to decide if you should plan to spend $10 on the Season 4 Battle Pass.

Reasons to Buy Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass

  1. Buy Today for the Best Value
  2. Buy it for Tons of Skins and Loot
  3. Buy to Level Up Faster
  4. Buy for Weekly Challenges
  5. Buy to Get Free V Bucks

Reasons Not to Buy Season 4 Battle Pass

  • Don’t Buy If You Won’t Play for 8-10 Weeks
  • Don’t Buy if You’d Rather Buy Items Solo
  • Wait for Reviews & Feedback

Here’s a closer look at each of the reasons. Considering everything that you get, and what you would get with the 950 V-Bucks in the store, this is something that offers a lot of value. You cannot transfer V-Bucks from one console to another, but the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass and the loot you unlock syncs across all of the places you can play.

Buy Now For the Best Value

Epic continues to make the Battle Pass a bigger and bigger reward system for players. While the loot is all cosmetic, they definitely reward paying players with more items and things to do in the game. 

The Battle Pass offers 75 to 150 hours of playtime to unlock all of the content with 100 tiers in the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass. This time around you get approximately 25,000 V-Bucks worth of items when you complete the Battle Pass. 

One thing we love about the Battle Pass is that the rewards are retroactive, so if you buy the Battle Pass after 1 month, you get all the tiers you already unlocked. That said, there is a benefit to buying the new Battle Pass as soon as possible if you are motivated like we are. 

When you start Fortnite Season 4 with the Battle Pass you will be able to earn XP boosts that will help you level up faster and unlock the rewards and new challenges faster. Ultimately you get more value if you start Season 4 with the Battle Pass than if you buy it halfway through, even though you get the same rewards. 

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