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Galaxy Note 10 vs Galaxy S10+: Which One to Buy?



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Release Date & Price

Release Date & Price

And finally, we want to talk about the release date and some potential pricing. 

Now that we’ve told you all of this, your biggest question is likely “When can I buy the Galaxy Note 10?”. Or, how much will I have to fork out to get the latest and greatest. 

  • Samsung announced both phones on August 7th
  • Available for pre-order right now
  • August 23rd release date for the Galaxy Note 10 

As usual, Samsung gave owners a little over a week from the launch event to the release, letting you decide which is right for you, backing up your old phone, and making trade-in arrangements to get the latest and greatest. Now, here's how much it'll cost you. 

  • Galaxy Note 10 – $949 (whoa)
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus – $1,099 for 12GB RAM and 256GB or $1,199 for 512GB model. 
  • Buy it Now!

For a comparison, the Galaxy S10+ initially went for the same $999 price, but it's on sale all the time and can often be found for under $850. 

Is the new Note 10 worth the price? That's for you to decide. 

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