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Galaxy Note 5 Release: What We Know So Far



Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

Rumors of an early Galaxy Note 5 release in July were recently shot down by Samsung itself which means that we probably won't see the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge replaced anytime soon. Galaxy Note 5 release date rumors are non-existent at the moment but here's what we can tell you based on what we know about Samsung. 

If the Galaxy Note 5 really does arrive at IFA as credible rumors suggest, then it will probably arrive sometime in September.

Over the years, Samsung's closed the gap between launch date and release date and it typically doesn't wait longer than a month or so before getting its flagship models out on shelves. The Galaxy Note 4 launched in early September last year and it was on shelves before the month ended so that it could compete against the iPhone 6 Plus for the holidays. 

We should see Galaxy Note 5 release date rumors start to emerge as we get closer to the summer and the fall though as of right now, smart money is on a release that spans across the months of September and October. Remember, Samsung usually takes a staggered approach to its releases. 

As for where it's heading, SamMobile leaked several Galaxy Note 5 model numbers that hint at an arrival in Asia, Europe, and the United States. 

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