Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4: 5 Things We Learned in June
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Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4: 5 Things We Learned in June



June produced a number of important Samsung Galaxy Note 5 details. And with a Galaxy Note 5 release expected in September, we should see a number of new Galaxy Note 5 rumors emerge in the weeks ahead. That said, we want to focus on what we learned in June and today we take a look at how the device is stacking up with the Galaxy Note 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 first arrived on the scene in early 2014 as rumors started piecing together Samsung’s plans for the fall. In September, Samsung confirmed many of those rumors with a Galaxy Note 4 launch at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany. The Galaxy Note 4 was released just a few weeks later.

Samsung’s current Galaxy Note flagship is an excellent smartphone and it remains one of the best big screen phone options on the market. We’ve heard from many people who are thinking about making it their next phone. We’ve also heard from a number of people who are interested in the Galaxy Note 5, a device that could replace the Galaxy Note 4 later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors have been rampant several months now and we’ve started to see new and important details seep to the surface ahead of Samsung’s announcements and IFA 2015. Consumers in the hunt for a new phone are looking at the Galaxy Note 4 but they’re also hearing about the Galaxy Note 5. And that’s why we want to take a look at how the phones are matching up as we enter July.

This updated comparison focuses on the most recent Galaxy Note 5 rumors and shows you how they compare to the Galaxy Note 4. Nothing is confirmed until Samsung takes the stage and we don’t expect some Galaxy Note 5 rumors to firm up until we get close to the fall.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Isn't Close

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Isn't Close

If you're trying to decide between buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to arrive, know that you're several weeks away at the very least. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch date hasn't firmed up. Neither has the Galaxy Note 5 release date. That said, most believe that the Galaxy Note 5 launch will come in and around the start of IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany. IFA 2015 kicks off on September 4th. This is where Samsung always launches its new Galaxy Note and it's what consumers have come to expect from it each year.

Galaxy Note 5 rumors have pointed to an early launch in August and that's looking like that's probably the best case scenario for those of you getting anxious. 

As for the Galaxy Note 5 release date, we don't know much. Samsung executives recently confirmed plans to launch Samsung Pay, its Apple Pay competitor, in September. Analysts believe that it will arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 5. In other words, they think the Galaxy Note 5 will come in September. 

This is the same month that Samsung released the Galaxy Note 4 so it's entirely possible that we'll see the device arrive right around the start of the fall. 

So if you're looking right now, know that the Galaxy Note 5 is probably still several weeks away from hitting shelves. 

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