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Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy S5: 10 Things to Know Right Now



Galaxy Note 5: Bigger, Better Display

Galaxy Note 5: Bigger, Better Display

If you're looking for a display that's bigger and better than the Galaxy S5's 5.1-inch FHD display, you're going to want to wait for the Galaxy Note 5. 

The Galaxy Note series has always had a bigger display size than the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note 5 will likely keep that tradition going. Galaxy Note 5 display rumors point to a 5.7-inch display, same size as last year's Galaxy Note 4. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is also rumored to have Quad HD resolution on board. This is superior to the Full HD resolution on the Galaxy S5. Quad HD isn't a gimmick.

While it's not the Ultra HD display that many people were hoping for, 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution is absolutely stunning. If you've never seen it in person, go check out the displays on theGalaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S6.

So, if you want the best resolution with tons of screen real estate for games and movies, you'll probably want to hold out until August. 

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