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Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy S5: 10 Things to Know Right Now



Galaxy Note 5 Release Date Rumored

Galaxy Note 5 Release Date Rumored

Samsung hasn't set any dates yet which means that the official Galaxy Note 5 release date is currently an unknown. Rumors have been able to pinpoint a precise date for the Galaxy Note 5 release though and like the launch date, it appears that the release will come much earlier this year. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date rumors suggest that it will be coming to most regions on or around August 21st. That date will reportedly include the United States and Asia though it might not include Russia or Europe. 

Samsung hasn't confirmed a release date but thanks to several FCC filings, we know that the release (at least in the United States) is getting closer. FCC filings typically take place on or after the launch date so this is a sign that Samsung's trying to get this device out well ahead of schedule. 

So, this means that you probably have a month to go before the Galaxy Note 5 hits shelves. That might seem like a long wait, especially if you're getting antsy, but it's really not. Galaxy Note models only come once a year so you're actually in the perfect position. Wait a few weeks so that you can compare the Galaxy S5 to it. 

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