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Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G4: 6 Key Differences



Customization & Colors

Customization & Colors

Speaking of customization, this is another thing users need to be aware of. The Galaxy Note 5 comes in Black, White, Gold, or a new Titanium Silver option. However, in the US we're expecting Black and White only, with gold being hard to find and coming later. We aren't expecting any carriers to offer silver in the United States.

The LG G4 though, comes in Ceramic White, Titanium Silver, or Gold. It also has six genuine leather hand-made backs that give it a truly unique look and feel. I love the brown and black leather backs on my G4, and switch them out from time to time as well. If you want something that doesn't look like everyone else, get the LG G4 with a yellow, brown, or light blue leather back.

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