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Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G4: 6 Key Differences





The design is another extremely important area where both of these phones differ 100%. The Galaxy Note 5 is just like the Galaxy S6, and the first Note smartphone that isn't made of plastic. Samsung went with all glass and aluminum, including glass on the back. This makes the Galaxy Note 5 the most premium smartphone Samsung has ever made. Our initial hands-on with the Note 5 left us extremely impressed.

The LG G4 however, has an aluminum-feeling ring around the edge, and a pretty solid plastic design. It doesn't feel cheap, but doesn't feel as premium as the Galaxy Note 5 either. However, if you choose to go with a leather back version of the LG G4, you won't regret it. That gives it a unique and premium look and feel that can't be matched, even by the leathers on the Moto X from 2014.

LG has the buttons on the back, which are easy to use and something many LG fans love, and Samsung has a more traditional design with buttons off to the side, a bottom facing speaker, and the works.

This one is a toss-up, as I love the leather on my LG G4. If you want something unique go with LG, but if you're looking for a premium top-tier high end experience, the Galaxy Note 5 simply outshines everything. And that includes the HTC One M9.

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