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Galaxy Note 5 vs Moto X 2015: What We Know So Far



With the Galaxy Note 5 launch and release date quickly approaching, more and more smartphones continue to arrive. Summer is almost over and most phone have been released from all the major names. Those in the market for a big-screen Android phone are likely weighing all of their options, like the new Moto X, or waiting for the upcoming Galaxy Note 5.

Originally no one expected the Moto X to compete with Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 5, considering the screen size, but earlier this week the new 2015 Moto X “Pure Edition” or “Style” was revealed with a huge 5.7-inch display, instantly putting it in-line to take on Samsung’s Note 5.

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All previous Moto phones were much smaller, aside from the Nexus 6, but now that the massive Moto X phablet is coming soon, set to be released in September, here’s how it compares to the Galaxy Note 5. A device that will be announce on August 13th in New York City, and rumored for a quick release. Below is everything we know so far, and what buyers should know.


After months of reports and rumors on July 28th Motorola revealed the new Moto X “Style” with a massive 5.7-inch Quad-HD display, some top tier specs and tons of customization. There’s also a new Moto G for all, and a Moto X Play for regions outside the United States. At the same time, rumors of the Note 5 have been everywhere as well, along with a new Galaxy S6 Edge+, both which will battle Motorola’s latest phone.

Motorola’s new smartphone has a lot to offer, but it will also have to compete with other flagship premium devices with the same type of huge screen. Most notably the popular and impressive Galaxy Note 5. It’s going to be revealed in just about two weeks, and if you’re considering one or the other, all the information below should help buyers make an informed decision, or pass on both and get something now.

The Galaxy Note 5 is stacking up to be Samsung’s best Note device yet, but some of the changes could also come with compromises. Things that buyers who choose to get the 2015 Moto X Pure Edition may not have to deal with.

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We don’t know everything about the Galaxy Note 5 yet, but we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Not to mention all these leaks are painting a clear picture. Add all those up, and Motorola has a tough phone to compete with. Here’s all the details about both.

Note 5 & Moto X Release Date

Note 5 & Moto X Release Date

In a surprise turn of events both of these phones are getting shown off much earlier than expected, but Motorola's still not releasing its new 2015 Moto X "Pure Edition" until sometime this September. This could end up being bad for Moto, because this year Samsung moved up it's release by over a month. 

The Galaxy Note 5 will be announced on August 13th in New York City, and a slew of rumors are suggesting it will be released from all major US carriers on April 21st. Or at least AT&T, with other US carriers pushing it out before the end of the month.

Originally we expected a similar September unveil and October release date, like the past four years, but that isn't the case. This means that the Note 5 will be official in two weeks, and possibly available to buy in just 3 weeks. Sooner than the Moto X and it's "September release" whenever that may be.



  1. Andrew Burgin

    08/03/2015 at 1:50 am

    Samsung is going to lose a lot of buyers to the Note 5 by not offering the Micro sd card slot,the Motorola X Style offers the card slot and a more affordable phone,Samsung an its Project-Zero with the Galaxy S6 and Note 5 as been a disappointment for a lot of Galaxy phone users

  2. J

    08/04/2015 at 3:00 am

    Couple typos. On the first page you say the note might be out “April 21”

    Second is “it’s”. It is a contraction, not an ownership word. For example, ” Samsung and its phone ” is correct. Not “Samsung and it is phone”

  3. Scott Lowe

    08/04/2015 at 12:23 pm

    TouchWiz. That right there is enough for me to never buy a Samsung phone.

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