Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy Note 9: What You Need to Know
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Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy Note 9: What You Need to Know



Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy Note 9: Design

Samsung didn't have a very good end to 2018 because the S9 and Note 9 both looked identical to the previous models from 2017. Buyers want something exciting, fresh, and new. Well, that's what you'll get from the Galaxy S10+.

And while the design of the Galaxy S10 and S10+ isn't a huge departure from earlier years, it's more than enough to make it worth buying. 

These are Samsung phones, so the overall design language (and style) remains the same, which is fine by me. But when you see that edge-to-edge screen, thin design and get all-day battery life, you'll be perfectly happy with how the phone looks. You can still expect a premium all metal and glass design, with glass covering the front and the back -- just like the Galaxy Note 9. 

Galaxy Phone Thickness

The Galaxy S10+ is 14% thinner than the S9+ and closer to 20% thinner than the Galaxy Note 9, which is pretty impressive. That means it'll be easier to hold, use, and lighter. It's also stronger with Gorilla Glass 6, which is important. 

Samsung managed to put the camera and fingerprint scanners INSIDE that screen, add triple cameras to the back, pack a bigger battery in the phone -- and make it thinner all at the same time. That's progress. 

The video above is our latest look at the phone just before its arrival. 

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