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Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy Note 9: What You Need to Know



Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy Note 9: Cameras

Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy Note 9: Cameras

While the Galaxy Note 9 has two powerful cameras on the back, this year Samsung went a step further and added a 3rd camera to the back. Furthermore, the Galaxy S10+ actually has FIVE cameras in total. 

The Galaxy S10+ has an improved main 12MP DualPixel variable aperture camera capable of some amazing photos. Then, the company vastly improved the camera software with Night Modes, AI photography and more. However, it's the second and third cameras that make it better than any other phone. 

Galaxy S10 and S10+ Cameras:

  • 12 Megapixel f/1.5-2.4 variable aperture camera with 960 FPS slow-mo, 4k, etc
  • 12 MP f/2.4 telephoto zoom lens
  • 16 MP super-wide angle camera.
  • Dual 8 and 10MP f/1.9 front-facing cameras with 4K, portrait mode, face unlock & more. (only on S10+) Regular S10 has single 10MP front selfie cam. 

Yeah. that's a lot of cameras, tons of depths or angles, and a lot of glass to take amazing photos. Either way you look at it, the S10+ is the better photography tool. Well, unless you want to use the S-Pen on the Note 9 as a shutter button. 

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