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Galaxy S10 Release Date: Tips & Tricks



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Backup Your Current Phone

Backup Your Current Phone

If you've ordered a Galaxy S10 or you're planning to buy one soon, now's a great time to backup your current phone. 

Backing up your current device, be it a Galaxy or an iPhone, will allow you to quickly switch to your shiny new Galaxy S10 without waiting. 

There's a very good chance your phone is already backed up if you use one of the automated options like Samsung Cloud, but you'll want to double check and make sure everything is good to go. 

If you don't know where to start, you should take a look at our backup guide. Our guide includes the best ways to apps, data, contacts, and other data. 

If you're currently using an iPhone, you can easily switch from iPhone to the Galaxy S10 using the Samsung Smart Switch app.

Samsung Smart Switch will allow you to seamlessly move your contacts, photos, apps, device settings, messages, music, calendars, and more to your new phone. 

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