Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S8: Worth the Upgrade?
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Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S8: Worth the Upgrade?



Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S8: Camera(s)

Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S8: Camera(s)

The Galaxy S8 marked a major milestone for Samsung's cameras. It was the first year people started calling it the "best smartphone camera" ever and better than Apple's. Since then, they've improved by leaps and bounds, made that same sensor capable of adjusting on the fly, and added two more lenses. 

You have a single 12MP "Dual Pixel" camera on the Galaxy S8 that's pretty good. Add two years of upgrades to that lens and two more cameras, and that's the S10.

In 2019, both the Galaxy S10 and bigger Galaxy S10+ will have 3 cameras on the back. Yes, three. Here's what those cameras entail:

  • 12 Megapixel f/1.5-2.4 variable aperture camera with 960 FPS slow-mo, 4k, etc
  • 12 MP f/2.4 telephoto zoom lens
  • 16 MP super-wide angle camera.
  • 10MP f/1.9 front-facing cameras with 4K, portrait mode and more

As you can see, you have a lens for any situation. Whether that's regular photos, a wide landscape shot, or zooming in on a subject. Then, the company vastly improved the camera software with multiple modes, AI photography and more. However, it's the second and third camera lenses on the back that make the magic happen. 

When you combine those three different cameras together with improved software and AI smarts, the Galaxy S10 has one of the best cameras in any phone. The Galaxy S8 doesn't have a variable aperture sensor, doesn't do 960FPS slow mo, and can't take telephoto zoom or wide-angle shots. 

If you like taking photos, you'll enjoy the upgrade. 

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