Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S8: Worth the Upgrade?
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Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S8: Worth the Upgrade?



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Galaxy S10 Pricing & Deals

Galaxy S10 Pricing & Deals

Perhaps the most important question for anyone looking to upgrade is the price. I mean, this is a fancy phone, and it's not cheap. That said, you'll get some impressive $200 trade-in offers from Samsung if you send them your old Galaxy S8 -- meaning you can get the Galaxy S10 at a pretty good discount. And now that the S10 is several months old and the holidays are here, you can get some crazy deals. Maybe even a free Galaxy S10 from AT&T or Verizon when you trade-in that old S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 release date was March 8th 2019 around the globe.

As for the price, here's what you can expect to pay depending on which model you buy.

  • Galaxy S10e – $749
  • Regular Galaxy S10 – $899 
  • Galaxy S10 Plus – $999 or more

Samsung is offering some pretty great trade-in deals making the Galaxy S10 around $550 or so, which takes some of the pain away from this high price tag. Plus, carriers have some lucrative deals going on right now too. 

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