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Galaxy S6 Release Teased by Carrier



A Samsung Galaxy S6 release is already being teased by carriers, weeks ahead of the alleged Galaxy S6 launch date.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors have begun to pick up steam in recent weeks as we push toward Samsung’s usual Galaxy S launch window. Galaxy S6 specs, the Galaxy S6 launch date and the Galaxy S6 release date have all been rumored ahead of Samsung’s inevitable announcement though there are still plenty of details shrouded in secrecy.

The shortage of details, and an actual phone, hasn’t stopped one carrier from teasing the Galaxy S6 release on its website though. Vodafone Netherlands is currently teasing the Galaxy S6’s arrival on its website.

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The teaser page doesn’t offer any specific details and simply serves as a tease in the buildup to the Galaxy S6 release. The carrier says that those wanting to “know more about the successor to the S5″ should keep an eye on its website because  as soon as they “have more information about the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone,” it will post it there. 

Dutch site Galaxy Club did a little bit of digging into the site’s source code and it appears that there is a listing for a “Samsung Galaxy S Edge.” A Galaxy S6 Edge with a bent display on both the left and right side is rumored for arrival alongside the regular Galaxy S6 though this listing doesn’t serve as a firm confirmation. It could just be a placeholder for a possible release. It’s clear that Vodafone Netherlands, like many consumers, has its eyes on the Galaxy S6 rumor mill.

This listing emerges as a new report from The Wall Street Journal asserts that Qualcomm is working to update its Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and that the update should be ready by March. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was once rumored to have a Snapdragon 810 on board though the Galaxy S6’s chip is now uncertain.

With a Samsung Galaxy S6 release date rumored to be coming two to three weeks early this year, it’s not clear if Qualcomm will fix its brand new processor in time for the Galaxy S6’s arrival. LG and Qualcomm have both denied rumors of overheating though it now looks like the company will try and bring some kind of fix to the table in time for the Galaxy S6.

Samsung’s used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor inside of its flagship Galaxy smartphones for a number of years now. The company also tends to put its own Exynos processors inside some variants. If the Snapdragon 810 isn’t ready for prime time, there’s talk that Samsung could put its Exynos 7 chip in most, if not all of its Galaxy S6 variants.

Expect an upgraded Galaxy S6 camera.

Expect an upgraded Galaxy S6 camera.

In addition to an upgraded processor, the Galaxy S6 is expected to feature a new camera sensor. A report from Korean publication ETNews suggests that the Galaxy S6 will come with a 20MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization. Galaxy S6 rumors have gone back and forth between a 16MP and 20MP sensor though signs are starting to point to the larger sensor.

Galaxy S6 rumors point to a collection of high-powered specifications including a souped up Quad HD display, Exynos 64-bit processor, a new design that employs premium materials perhaps aluminum or glass, wireless charging, and a release on all five major carriers in the United States which includes AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon.

The AT&T model recently showed up in a User Agent Profile string showcasing Quad HD resolution. While the UA Prof does not confirm the arrival of the Galaxy S6, the fact that the model number matches the Galaxy S6 model numbers that have leaked out numerous times in recent weeks makes it increasingly likely that AT&T will once again be on board with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S smartphone.

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1 Comment

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    03/20/2015 at 6:56 pm

    I can’t get into safe mode because my phone has a password to get into the home screen first

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