Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: What to Know
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Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: What to Know



Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Design

Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Design

Take the design with all metal and glass of the S6 Edge Plus, and remove almost all of the bezels around the screen. Then, ditch the home button and put the fingerprint scanner in the back. Now round off the metal on the back and sides to make the entire thing feel seamless and wonderful. That's what you'll get from the Galaxy S8 or S8+.

The overall look hasn't changed much, but it's still very different. Samsung kept the rounded edges on the back, but also rounded off the front glass too. It all blends together very nicely. The screen is bigger, and it's even water-resistant. What Samsung's done here is pretty impressive. 

One big design change many will notice and have to deal with is no home button. Samsung added a haptic 3DTouch like engine under the glass where the new on-screen home button is, so it shouldn't feel too different. But for the first time in seven years the S8 has no physical home button. However, reaching way up to the very top right side for the fingerprint scanner, on the back of the phone, will certainly take some getting used to.  

It's a long reach, and camera lenses will get fingerprints and smudges on them. That's because the scanner is to the right of the camera on back, not underneath it like most Android phones. 

We also have a new dedicated Bixby button on the left side, but everything else is the same. There's a 3.5mm headphone jack thankfully, a new USB Type-C port for charging, and improved speakers on bottom. You'll love USB Type-C because it charges faster and can be plugged in either direction. It works both ways. 

All said and done the design and overall look remains unchanged. The only difference is the front is all black, regardless of color. The screen is bigger and curved, and there are no physical buttons on the front. S6 Edge Plus owners should feel right at home if they upgrade. 

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