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LG G6 vs Galaxy S8: What Buyers Need to Know



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Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Release Date

Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Release Date

Last but certainly not least, is the release date. We have conflicting information here, so everyone will have to wait and watch things unfold. Just know that LG wants to take advantage of the failed Galaxy Note 7 by beating Samsung to the market. They already announced it, but getting it in the hands of buyers will be key. 

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S at Mobile World Congress in Spain for the past few years, then released it in March. The Galaxy S7 was released on March 11th. That will not happen this year. 

Initially rumors suggested Samsung was on track for a March release date, but now all reports and rumors are suggesting April. This is due to improved safety inspections and device testing. To prevent battery explosions like the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung promises the phone will be completely safe. The company confirmed the Galaxy S8 will NOT debut at Mobile World Congress. Now, we're hearing a March 29th launch with the release date around April 21st.

As for the LG G6, it was announced on February 26th at Mobile World Congress. The company confirmed it will be released in South Korea on March 9-10th. However, those in the United States will likely need to wait until the very end of March or the first week of April to buy one. Our sources state April 7-10th for the LG G6, and April 21st for the Galaxy S8. 

Also, the Galaxy S8 is rumored to be $849 and $949. Very expensive phones. We can't confirm it yet, but the LG G6 should be around $150 less. We're seeing reports of it costing an equivalent of $800 USD in South Korea. Although pricing is usually lower in the states. So we could see carriers ask $700 or $749 for the G6, and $849 for the Galaxy S8. Stay tuned for more details. 


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