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HBO Go Problems & Fixes



HBO Go problems are very common and they often strike at the worst time — like when you are sitting down for Game of Thrones or to binge The Wire or Barry and you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for a fix.

Whether you are dealing with HBO Go crashing during a popular show or buffering and sign in problems, we have you covered with ways that you can fix many of these issues on your own without waiting for HBO, your cable or satellite company to help you out.

Fixing HBO Go problems can be more complicated than troubleshooting HBO Now, since the problem can be with HBO Go, with your cable or satellite company or with your Internet connection.

In this guide, we’ll help you find out if HBO Go is down and walk you through how to fix other HBO Go problems with connectivity, sign in issues and other errors on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Xbox One, PS4 and other devices with HBO Go.

Is HBO Go Down?

How to fix most HBO Go problems.

How to fix most HBO Go problems.

If you are having HBO Go problems, the first thing to do is see if HBO Go is down. You can tell this based on HBO Go’s Twitter support page as well as checking Down Detector to see if there are widespread HBO Go problems.

If everyone is complaining about HBO Go issues, then the service is likely down and there is nothing that you can do to fix it until the company solves an issue on their end.

You can get updates on Twitter, and in most cases will need to wait. If you have a specific issue, you can check below for more help. Even if the problem is widespread, we suggest checking on another device and restarting your device to see if that fixes the problem.

How to Fix HBO Go Sign In Problems

One of the most common issues that we have with HBO GO is signing in. This is because HBO Go connects to your cable or satellite account to verify your subscription. To sign in, you need to use your cable company login and then HBO must validate this with your subscription.

If you cannot sign in, you need to go to your cable or satellite company website and try to sign in there. If you can sign in there, verify your password and come back. If you cannot sign in, reset your password or contact support for help with logging in.

Once you have your password fixed, you should be able to sign in. You may need to restart the app or your device to get signed in if you continue having problems.

How to Fix HBO GO Subscription Problems

HBO Go subscription problems are very common and generally easy to fix.

HBO Go subscription problems are very common and generally easy to fix.

The most annoying HBO Go problem is when you can sign in, but the app cannot find your subscription data. This happened with me on DirecTV after being able to use HBO Go for two weeks, and then all of the sudden HBO was dropped from my account.

The first thing to do is log in to your account to see if you have HBO listed with the company you get your TV subscription through. If it shows up there, you should restart your device, check for an app update and then try to sign in again.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, start with your TV service support and then contact HBO. if you have DirecTV, skip AT&T Twitter support and call in if you want help. The social media help through @ATTCares is not very helpful.

How to Fix HBO Go Streaming Problems

If your HBO Go streaming sessions are full of buffering, dropped streams, lagging and other issues, you can solve some of these problems on your own. There is a good chance that this is your Internet connection, or that specific device, not an overall HBO Go problem.

The first thing to do is restart your device. If that doesn’t fix it, see if you can stream on another device. If it is limited to one device in one area, like a console in a bedroom or basement, you may need better WiFi. Here’s a look at some good routers to fix that issue.

Before you buy a new router, you may want to restart your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. Once this is done try streaming. If you still have issues, run a speedtest to see if you have a good connection to that device. You need at least 3Mbps down to be able to use HBO Go, and you should expect more than that speed with most Internet plans.

How to Fix HBO Go Service Error Problems

If you get a HBO Go Service Error, you can fix this by taking some action on your own without contacting HBO. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Check for an app update on your device.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Try playing another show or movie.
  4. Try another device.
  5. Try device specific troubleshooting on HBO
  6. Restart your router and your modem.

This is an involved process, but it can help you solve this very annoying error on HBO. If this doesn’t work, you should try contacting HBO for help.

How to Fix HBO Go App Problems

You can fix HBO Go app problems with a restart or re-install.

You can fix HBO Go app problems with a restart or re-install.

If your HBO Go app keeps crashing or won’t work on the iPhone, iPad, Android, XBox One, Apple TV or Playstation you have an app problem that is often easy to fix.

The first thing to try is to check for updates on the app store on your device. HBO is constantly fixing bugs and problems with updates that you can install in just a few minutes.

You can also check to see if your device has a new update. Many consoles and smart tv devices install updates automatically, but you can go to settings to check for an update.

If there is no update or that doesn’t fix the problem, you should uninstall the app, restart your device and then re-install it. This has helped us fix a HBO Go crashing issue on our iPad.

How to Fix HBO Go Video Problems

HBO Go video problems are often a connection issue due to slow speeds on your WiFi or on your cellular connection. Use the Speedtest website or app to see how fast your connection is. If it is slower than 3Mbps down, then that is likely the issue. To fix it, try turning airplane mode on, wait 10 seconds and turn it off.

If you cannot watch on your computer, restart your browser and then try again. You may need to update Adobe Flash on your computer. You may also need to update your browser, or at least restart the browser to get the latest updates.

This page will help you with Adobe Flash problems.

How to Fix HBO Go Audio Problems

Is your sound missing when using HBO Go? The first thing to do is check to see if it works with headphones in if it is a mobile device, or to toggle the mute switch off. This can fix a lot of issues.

The next thing you can try is restarting the device and checking any connections to a soundbar if you are watching on a TV. Sometimes you simply need to restart your TV, smart device and soundbar to solve these issues.

You can also check to see if there is an update for your device or if there are any driver updates if you are trying to watch on PC.

How to Fix HBO Go HDCP Errors

If you see an HBO GO HDCP error, it means that copy protection isn’t working, so you cannot watch HBO on your device. In most cases this is an error that isn’t due to an actual problem, but a handshake issue. For HDCP to work, your device and your TV or monitor need to talk to each other over the HDMI cable and basically get the OK that you aren’t able to copy the stream.

When you get this error it is likely a mistake. The easiest way to solve this is to turn off your TV and your device, then turn both back on and see if the error is gone. This will solve HBO Go HDCP problems 9 out of 10 times. If it doesn’t, you may need a new HDMI cable or simply to unplug and replug your current cable.

How to Fix HBO GO Not in Service Area Problems

The HBO Go Not in Service Area error is very annoying, but you can fix this pretty easily. This happens when HBO thinks you are using the service outside of the US and US territories. If you are traveling, you may be out of luck, but if you are in one of these areas, you can fix the issue pretty easily.

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Unplug the power to your router and modem,
  3. Wait 30 seconds
  4. Plug in the power to your modem and wait for it to connect.
  5. Plug in the power to your router and wait.
  6. Turn on your device and open HBO GO.
  7. Try and play a video on HBO Go.

This should fix the problem, but getting a new IP address. You can check the your IP address here to see if it is in the U.S. or a territory. If this doesn’t fix your problem, turn off any VPN or proxy and try again.

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