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How to Change and Download Fonts on the Galaxy S9



Samsung phones always have a lot of customization options, and by changing the system font on the Galaxy S9 your phone can have a fresh new look and stand out. In this guide we’ll show you how to change the font on the Galaxy S9, or how to download and apply new fonts and themes.

Most Galaxy S9 owners change a lot of settings as they learn about everything this powerful phone can do. Next, you’ll want to personalize your new phone with different fonts, themes, wallpapers and more.

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Samsung offers five unique system font options on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Additionally, you can download hundreds of different fonts, styles, and sizes from the pre-installed Galaxy App Store. Find out how from our video and step-by-step instructions below.

How to Change Fonts on the Galaxy S9

  • Head to Settings from the app on your home screen, app tray, or by pulling down the notification bar and tapping the gear-shaped settings button
  • Tap Display
  • Select Screen zoom and font
  • Scroll down to Font Style and select one

As you can see, you can choose from five unique font options. Select the font you’d like, then tap Apply. Your choices are Default, Gothic Bold, Choco cooky, Cool Jazz, Rosemary, or hit the “+” to download more fonts. You can also use the slider to adjust the font size to make things easier to see and read. This is especially helpful if you download a font that’s too small or big.

If you’re coming from an older Samsung device, you’ll notice you can’t use 3rd party fonts anymore. This is a recent change by Samsung. As a result, you can only use fonts and themes from official sources like Samsung’s theme engine and the Galaxy App Store.

How to Download Fonts for the Galaxy S9

If you don’t like the few options provided by Samsung, you can download more fonts for the Galaxy S9. Navigate to the same settings menu, and click download. Or, follow our quick instructions here.

  • Head to Settings from the app on your home screen, app tray, or by pulling down the notification bar and tapping the gear-shaped settings button
  • Tap Display
  • Select Screen zoom and font
  • Scroll down to Font Style and select + Download fonts

Once you hit download you’ll be directed to the Galaxy App Store. Samsung offers multiple different styles for free. Or, you can browse hundreds of options and get one for free, or for anywhere between $0.99 to $1.79 each. The paid fonts typically look the best.

Find a new font style you like and hit the big blue Install button. Your Galaxy S9 will download the new font, or ask for a payment. Once you’re all set just hit Apply. The newly downloaded font will now be listed along with the original five in the settings menu mentioned earlier. Making it easier to switch if necessary. Additionally, there is an option to uninstall any downloaded font if you don’t like the style.

Feel free to download as many as you’d like by repeating the steps above and find something you like. To revert back to the original style just tap on “Default” and hit apply and you’re all set. Before you go, take a peek at these best Galaxy S9+ screen protectors.

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  1. vanessa k atchison

    10/20/2018 at 4:43 pm

    I’ve been in Gps dwnloading fonts not supported s9+ then in samsung store i find 1 it only had 1 font the 1 being showed that was all you bet i uninstalled i’d like to have a variety not just the 5 on the phone,on my s3mini i dwnloaded lots of fonts cant on s9+???

  2. Meagan

    02/28/2019 at 8:48 pm

    Yep, My s9 with the latest update, Feb 2019, won’t allow any of the play store fonts to be applied even after they show in the font list… What can be done about this??

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