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How to Customize the Galaxy S7 Lock screen



The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are still two of the most popular smartphones available today. This guide will explain how to customize the Galaxy S7 lock screen and add some unique features to fit your personal wants and needs.

When it comes to using Samsung’s devices the options and possibilities are almost endless. From adding a new theme, changing the home launcher, to simply changing lock screen shortcuts, clocks and more. With that in mind, here we want to show you how.

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On our lock screen there are quick shortcuts to the phone dialer and camera, which are nice. At the same time a double tap on the home button launches the camera, so having it on the lock screen doesn’t make sense. Instead, customize it with something more useful, or an app you use more often than the rest.

Those looking to get more out of their Samsung Galaxy S7 can learn a lot from our big 45 Tips and Tricks post. Then, continue reading for the quick and simple instructions on how to customize the lock screen, and a few other tips as well.


Whether you’ve been using the S7 for a while, or just received one after the recent Galaxy Nougat update, this will be helpful. A few quick taps in settings can completely change how we interact with the device. Making it easier to use, and more friendly to individual needs. Lets get started.

Simply head to settings by tapping the gear-shaped settings button at the top of the notification pulldown bar. Or find the Settings app in the application tray. Then, navigate to what’s shown and detailed below.

  • Head to Settings
  • Scroll down and select Lock screen and security
  • Choose Info and app shortcuts
  • Now select App Shortcuts
  • Choose which side and select any app you’d like

In this original info and app shortcuts menu are a few options. One can add dual clocks, add owner information or even a “lost of found” number or address. Then at the bottom are the shortcuts.

Other Details

It’s really easy. Simply head into the app shortcuts menu and we can completely change what apps are shown on the lock screen. These are separated by the left and right. Once chosen, users will see a full list of all apps installed. From here you can simply select whatever you’d like. Now, next time you go to unlock your device these will be shown.

All owners need to do is swipe up from the app icon, rather from the middle, and the Galaxy S7 instantly opens to that app instead. A nice and quick way to conveniently get things done. This is just one of many advanced features of the Samsung Galaxy S7. We go over that and much more in our tips post above. The “owner info” option is also a nice added touch for personalization.

Alternatively, owners can navigate to the display settings and do even more with the always-on display feature. Give it a try today. While you’re here, take a look at these best cases for the Galaxy S7, or even a new screen protector. Enjoy.

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