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How to Delete Your Nexus 5x Browser History



Privacy is a growing concern these days for smartphone users, as we use our devices for anything and everything. And while lockscreens and fingerprint scanners offer excellent security, there are other measures that can be taken. This quick guide will explain how users can delete or remove their Nexus 5X browser history to prevent things from being seen.

Browser history or form data is one of many privacy issues owners need to be aware of. There are multiple reasons a user may want to delete their internet browser or search history on a smartphone, and we’re sure everyone has their reasons.

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Like many recent smartphones, Google Chrome is the only browser on the Nexus 5x, so the process is extremely easy.  Unlike Samsung and others that have more than one to deal with. Below are the quick and simple steps users will need to take to clear the Nexus 5x history completely. Lets get started.


Owners logged into a Gmail account, which almost all are in order to truly use an Android smartphone, everything you search gets saved, and that includes all browser (Google Chrome) search and visit history. This is what we’ll be targeting here today. It only takes a moment, and you can even clear individual searches, rather than everything, so it doesn’t look like you’re hiding your tracks.

Removing the browser history and search history are two different things, and we’re focusing on the browser history here today. This could be so kids or a significant other can’t see what was bought for a birthday or Christmas, general privacy concerns, or for many other reasons we won’t get into. To each their own.


The Nexus 5x only has Google Chrome, so we have one simple set of instructions and a few taps is all that’s required to delete your tracks. Simple tap a few settings and clear everything, or just what you’d like.

To start open Google Chrome. This is the web browser. Once open look up and tap the three dots “Menu button” at the top right. This brings up a popup menu, where you’ll scroll down and select “History”.


In the history tab users will have access to a list of all the website ever visited on the Chrome Browser. Next up users simply need to tap the “clear browser data” button at the bottom, and then select which information they’d like to remove, as shown in the screenshots below.

You’ll get a similar option of check-boxes as our screenshots, and users have control over what to delete or what stays, or simply clear everything. Another great benefit of Google Chrome is you can remove individual site visits or searches, instead of all or nothing, so it doesn’t appear that you’re hiding your tracks. Just hit the x to clear each individual search you’d like removed.


Users will want to be careful not to clear “Auto-fill data” as this is where Google helps us with daily things or forms. Things like email addresses, sign-in names or passwords that users have selected to be saved by Google Chrome. Meaning you’ll have to re-sign into everything. No one wants to do that.

Incognito Mode

Or we can even avoid all of this completely by having everything deleted from the beginning. This is a feature in many browsers (including Chrome) called Incognito Mode. When you’re in the browser hit menu up top and open an Incognito Tab. This makes it so Google Chrome won’t remember or save any history, passwords, login, or site visits or anything. This is the best way to do things, and something many users should consider if privacy is a concern.

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Being an Android device we have a lot of choices. Some of those are 3rd party browsers aside from Google Chrome users can install that never, ever remember anything. Dolphin Zero is a good one, or Opera has a browser-wide privacy mode that can be turned on. Basically replacing Google Chrome with something a little more — private. Personally I use Google Chrome, but everyone likes something different, and there are plenty to choose from at the Google Play Store.

What we do on our smartphones or tablets is our own business, so take some of the steps mentioned above to prevent it from being saved, or seen by others. These steps are similar for almost all Android smartphones and tablets, and even many third party browsers. Give it a try and stop this from being an issue from the beginning.

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