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How to Disable Text Message Previews on the Galaxy S7



This guide will show Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge owners how to disable text message previews or popups, including on the lockscreen, to keep privacy under control. In order to keep prying eyes away from sensitive information Samsung has an option to hide or show content from notifications, and here we’ll explain how to disable it.

The new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are feature-packed. From an improved camera, micro-SD card, to IP68 water resistance. Another neat feature that debuted on the S6 is a helpful popup of texts and a preview of the message on the lockscreen, even though you can’t access it without a fingerprint, pin, or password if lockscreen security is enabled.

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With the Galaxy S7 owners using the stock text message app will get a popup notification sharing a preview of the message, on the notification bar ticker at the top of the screen we see the same, and even on the lockscreen. This is convenient for most, but some may want to hide or disable this from being shown at all.


The default text message app that’s built into these phones is called “Messages” and thankfully it has all of these features. However, owners using one of the many excellent text message replacement apps, won’t have to change any settings except the last one.

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Samsung’s app has plenty of customization, options and controls, but many opt for other alternatives on the Google Play Store. Owners who’d like to just use what’s already installed, the default messages app, below are quick instructions to hide some of those notifications, popups, and information on the lockscreen to keep things on the private side. Better safe than sorry, right?

Disable Text Popups

My favorite feature is the pop-up notification and window for an incoming text. Allowing users to quickly reply over the app their in, and continue what they’re doing. This popup shows who the message is from and a preview of the conversation, which can get users in trouble at work or share sensitive information.

A similar thing happens in the notification bar. A small icon appears without users dragging it down, and there’s a small preview of the text message. Another great option. That all said, if you don’t want these sharing incoming message information, it’s really easy to just disable and hide it all. So information is only seen by you, when you open the text “messages” application. Lets turn this all off.


Launch the default “Messages” app and hit the more button on the top right, then choose settings > notifications > and turn off “Pop-up display” to get rid of this. It’s that easy, and shown in the image above and more below.

However, to make things even easier Samsung added two options this year on the Galaxy S7. The second option shown below is “Preview Message” which can be disabled to stop previews. This way the notification and pop-up is still there, but the preview of information is. Giving us the same awesome feature without the privacy concerns.


Galaxy S7 Lockscreen Information

Now we have one more thing to do, which is get rid of text message (and other notification) information from the lockscreen. While many love this feature, it too, is a privacy issue for some and can easily be disabled. Your best bet is the keep the pop-up option enabled but turn off the preview, then choose how you’d like things to work on the lockscreen below.

Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge owners that don’t want an incoming message or notification and its content to be displayed on the lockscreen, here’s how we remove that as well.


Head into settings by tapping the gear-shaped icon at the top of the notification bar, or in the apps menu. Then select “Lockscreen & security” and scroll down to “notifications on lockscreen“. Click the first option labeled “Content on lock screen” and from here select to hide content. This will still show notifications on the lockscreen from messages, Gmail, Twitter and others, but it won’t show detailed information. To remove everything, select Do not show notifications and users won’t see anything on the lockscreen at all.

We’re all done, and now the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge is completely secure when it comes to text messages, or notification previews on the lockscreen. Of course the best solution is to have a fingerprint or other security measure in place, but people can still see previews of information. Our steps above removes all of that ad gives owners peace of mind. While you’re here, take a look at some great Galaxy S7 Edge cases below.

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  3. androii

    05/23/2016 at 6:26 pm

    @CoryGunther – thanks for the article but I don’t think all the settings really work and help us to control privacy of the content. I have been trying to make changes to notifications of messages (including whatsapp messages) to display only the contact name but no preview of the content but it never seem to work! Is there a way in galaxy s7 edge to change notification settings on lock screen to display only the contact name (i wanna know who the message is from, so I can decide whether or not to open it) but to hide the content of the message. You’d be a saviour if you can advise on this. Thanks in advance.

  4. thejohn3

    05/26/2016 at 9:52 am

    try textra it has the the privacy settings you’re looking for

  5. androii

    05/26/2016 at 11:33 pm

    Thanks @thejohn3, I tried ChompSMS – which has the settings I was looking for but I would like that for Whatsapp message notifications as well. Looks like no other app supports both text and whatsapp messages notifications body to be hidden except if android brings back that feature! How stupid, such an important privacy feature they have disabled!!

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