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How to Use Do-Not-Disturb on the Galaxy S9



In this guide we’ll show you how to setup and use Do-not-Disturb mode on the Galaxy S9, and why you should. Do-not-disturb mode is a feature millions love as it keeps your phone completely silent during important times of the day.

Whether you’re heading to a meeting at work, in class at school, or just want to keep your phone silent, we’ll show you how. You can create a DnD schedule, or customize it to fit your needs.

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Samsung’s Do-not-Disturb mode mutes all calls, texts, alerts, notifications and media sounds. You can customize it, allow exceptions like a family member or repeat callers, and even hide visual notifications. Here’s how to get started today.

How to Use Do-Not-Disturb on Galaxy S9

I have DnD set to automatically come on at 10:30 PM each night, and turn off at 6:30 AM. That way nothing bothers me while I’m sleeping. You’ll probably want a different schedule, and it’s really easy to change.

  1. Head to Settings in the app tray or tap the gear-shaped settings button in the notification bar
  2. Tap on Sounds & vibrations
  3. Scroll down to Do-Not-Disturb
  4. Turn it On, or tap on it for more settings, schedules, exceptions and more

If you just need to instantly disable any and all sound, flip the switch to on and you’re all set. Keep in mind that DnD will completely kill all sounds and notifications, including alarms. That’s an important thing to note, so you don’t miss an alarm and show up late for school or work.

However, if you’re planning on using it more than just once, customize the experience to suit your needs. You can get rid of everything but alarms, and much more. Including other exceptions and repeat callers. If a family member calls 3-4 times in a row, DnD will let the call come in, assuming it’s something important.

There are even exceptions like specific friends or family members can still call or text you, while everything else gets silenced until morning. Choose a contact from your phone and add it to the exception list. You can allow specific apps to disregard the DnD mode, while others stay silent. It’s all up to you. And finally, certain events, tasks, or reminders can come through if you allow them to.

Do-Not-Disturb Quick Toggle

You can instantly turn DnD on and off in the quick settings pulldown bar on the Galaxy S9. That way in case of emergency meetings or important situations you can quickly toggle it on and off without fumbling through your settings menu.

Just pull down the notification bar, swipe down a second time, and tap the DnD button as shown below. It’s the circle with a line through it, in case you’re wondering what each notification bar icon means.

This is easier than going into settings and taking all those other steps. And, you can quickly tap it again to turn it off so notifications and sounds start coming through. Otherwise, we recommend just setting up a custom schedule.

Once you get Do-not-Disturb set up how you want, make a schedule. That way it turns on and off at the same time every day, night, or weekend. Now, enjoy a disturbance-free experience on your phone. While you’re here, take a peek at these 35 other Galaxy S9 tips and tricks.

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