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How to Get Gold Guns in Black Ops 3



If you beat enough challenges in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 you can unlock gold guns in Black Ops 3. Technically this is a gold camo and it is a step towards diamond camos and the tempting Dark Matter camo.

This is what you need to do to get gold guns in Black Ops 3 on PS4, PC or Xbox One. We will show you how to get gold guns the right way, and the tips that help you get the gold gun in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 faster.

The overall process is the same with any gun that you want to get the gold version of on Black Ops 3, and it will take a little time.

Here’s what you need to do to get gold guns in Black Ops 3 and our tips to beat these challenges faster.

How to Get Gold Guns in Black Ops 3

How to get gold guns in Black Ops 3.

How to get gold guns in Black Ops 3.

The only way to unlock gold guns in Black Ops 3 is to beat all the gun camo challenges for that weapon. This takes a little time, but if you go into a game mode focused on a specific goal it won’t take you too long to knock out on many of the weapons.

The Black Ops 3 camo challenges are slightly different or secondaries like launchers and the combat knife, but for most of the guns you will need to collect all the camos and then you earn the gold camo.

Here is a list of the camos you need to earn to get the gold gun in Black Ops 3 and what you need to do to earn them.

CamoAR, SMG, LMG or PistolShotguns & SnipersLaunchers
Jungle Tech5 headshots5 one hit kills5 score streaks destroyed
Ash10 headshots10 one hit kills10 score streaks destroyed
Flectarn15 headshots15 one hit kills15 score streaks destroyed
Heat Stroke20 headshots20 one hit kills20 score streaks destroyed
Snow Job30 headshots30 one hit kills30 score streaks destroyed
Dante40 headshots40 one hit kills40 score streaks destroyed
Integer50 headshots50 one hit kills50 score streaks destroyed
6 Speed75 headshots75 one hit kills75 score streaks destroyed
Policia100 headshots100 one hit kills100 score streaks destroyed
Ardent10 revenge kills10 revenge killsDestroy scorestreak in less than 20 seconds from deployment 5 times
Burnt50 kills with no attachements50 kills with no attachementsDestroy 5 scorestreaks in 1 game
Bliss50 kills with optic and 5 attachments50 kills with optic and 5 attachmentsDestroy 2 Scorestreaks in short amount of time
Battle2 double kills 5 Times with that gun2 double kills 5 Times with that gunDestroy 5 Talons or Cerberus units
Chameleon5 kills without dieing 5 times5 kills without dieing 5 timesDestroy 10 Guardians, Hardened Sentries or Power Cores
GoldComplete all above challengesComplete all above challengesComplete all above challenges
DiamondEarn Gold for all weapons in a categoryEarn Gold for all weapons in a categoryEarn Gold for all weapons in a category
Dark MatterEarn Diamond for every weaponEarn Diamond for every weaponEarn Diamond for every weapon

As you can see some of the later challenges require the use of wildcards to stack up attachments. When you are not using any attachments you should stack up your perks using greed wildcards to gain an edge.

Gold Guns Tips for Black Ops 3

Even though you may find it harder to play at first, Hardcore playlists are great for going after headshots. In this mode everyone has limited health and it is easy to earn a large number of headshots in a match simply because the recoil in some weapons brings the bullets slightly up with each shot delivering a headshot.

The video above walks through additional tips and tricks for getting more headshots, including the class setup you can use.

Although there are some Gunsmith Paintjob tutorials that let you make a gold like color, it does not cover the same area of the weapon that the gold camo does.

The new Black Ops 3 weapons will not get in the way of unlocking gold, and they should not stand in the way of unlocking Diamond and Dark Matter camos either.

Black Ops 3 Guide for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Black Ops 3 Tips to Level Up Faster

Black Ops 3 Tips to Level Up Faster

To have more fun in Black Ops 3 you need to level up to unlock new specialists, new weapons and new attachments. You rank up faster in Black Ops 3 by winning, playing the right game types and completing challenges. It also helps when you play on a Double XP weekend.

You should play the game modes that you like the most, but playing Kill Confirmed is one of the fastest ways to rank up fast in Black Ops 3. If you play on Hardcore you will also likely get more medals and more XP to level up faster.

In addition to leveling up your player, you can level up weapons by getting more kills with them. This will unlock attachments and new optics that improve the weapon stats.

You should check out the Black Ops 3 tips to level up faster to learn more about these modes and about how you can check challenges to earn more XP while you play.



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    For assault rifles, for ardent you actually need 10 longshot medals.

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    I am working on the XR-2 in Black ops 3 and im on the 5 bloodthirsties and i have gotten a total of 3 bloodthirsties but it still says i have none. Im playing on the PS3 and if anyone from Activision can help or anyone message me on psn zx_ 14- . The attachments im using is Elo Quickdraw and Rapid fire.

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    For the brecci and haymaker shotguns, it is 100 headshots for policia, not 1shots

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