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How to Hide the Galaxy S10 Camera Cutout Notch



This guide explains how to hide the Galaxy S10 camera notch cutout in your screen. Whether you love it or hate it, Samsung has a small cutout in the display for the one or two front-facing cameras. And while it’s better than a notch, some users are having a hard time adjusting to it.

If so, you have two options for hiding the camera cutout notch. The main choice is to turn off the punch hole camera cutout completely. This disables a small area spanning the entire top of the screen. Or, you can embrace the notch but hide it with some clever wallpapers. Here are the step-by-step instructions to turn it off.

How to Hide the Galaxy S10 Camera Cutout Notch

  1. Open the Settings app or tap the gear-shaped Settings button in the pulldown bar
  2. Tap on Display
  3. Scroll down and tap on the Full screen apps option
  4. Flip the Hide front camera toggle switch to ON

Once that’s enabled, a black bar will cover the top of the screen that looks like a traditional “bezel” above the screen like phones from a few years ago. It creates a fake bezel to hide the camera cutouts, even when you’re watching a video or using a full-screen app. Basically, you’ll never see the circle cutout again but will still have the nice rounded corners like before. It’s that easy.

How to Disguise the Galaxy S10 Camera Cutout

As we said above, you can also disguise the camera cutouts on your phone with some very nifty wallpapers from around the internet, or from Samsung themselves.

Your best bet for wallpapers is to check out the list at Reddit at r/S10wallpapers, where community members are creating their own unique images with fun ways to disguise the hole in your screen.

Simply find an awesome wallpaper you’d like to use then head to Settings > Wallpapers & Themes > and apply it to your phone using this guide. Before you go, don’t forget to get a screen protector so that display stays scratch-free, and we recommend everyone gets a case for the phone too.

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