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15 Best Samsung Galaxy S10+ Cases



These are the best Galaxy S10+ (Plus) cases worth buying in 2020. Samsung’s phone is big, fancy, and expensive, which is why you’ll want a case to keep it safe and scratch-free. Both sides are covered in glass, and glass is fragile, so be smart and buy a case from our selection below.

We’ve gathered a list of the best Galaxy S10+ cases in several different styles, ensuring we have something you’ll like. Whether you prefer thin cases, clear cases, a wallet case, or need heavy-duty rugged protection, we have you covered. Some even have built-in screen protectors and kickstands. These are the cases we can recommend without hesitation.

The Best Galaxy S10+ (Plus) Cases

  • Spigen Rugged Armor for the Galaxy S10+
  • Totallee Ultra-Thin Case
  • X-Doria Defense Shield Bumper Case
  • Silk Wallet Slayer S10+ Case
  • Speck Presidio Grip Case
  • OtterPop Defender Series (Otterbox + Popsocket)
  • Incipio Holden Soft Fabric Case
  • Spigen Slim Armor Kickstand Case
  • Pelican Protector Series Case
  • Ringke Fusion-X Bumper Clear Shell
  • UAG Pathfinder Rugged Case
  • CARVED Real Wood Case
  • Samsung Rugged Protective Case
  • AMOVO Detachable Galaxy S10+ Wallet Case
  • Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Case


Some of our Galaxy S10+ cases are under $8, which is better than paying $200 to fix your busted screen. Optionally, you can get a premium rugged case from a reputable brand or Samsung themselves for only a few more dollars. Either way, do the smart thing and buy a case for your big phone.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor for the Galaxy S10+

Buy it Now on Amazon for $13

Spigen is typically the first case we recommend for almost every phone release. Mainly because they’re affordable, stylish, durable, fit great and make awesome cases — especially the Rugged Armor.

This case is thin, lightweight, and made from a flexible TPU with interior spider-web patterns and raised lips to protect the screen and triple cameras. Plus, they use air-cushion technology in the corners to keep the screen safe from drops or accidents. The case actually has little gaps in the corners to protect the glass. And yes, this works with wireless charging and Powershare. 

Optionally, tied in 1st place as the best case from Spigen is the Liquid Air Armor. It’s similar, but with more texture on the back so its easier to hold. Get it for $12 also.

2. Totallee Ultra-Thin Case

Buy it Now on Amazon for $34

If you’re a minimalist or want a case that’s extremely thin, consider the Totallee. It’s actually one of the thinnest cases on the market, and you’ll barely even notice it once installed.

Totallee is an American company that uses a super-thin polycarbonate plastic shell to keep your phone covered. It’s not the most durable case around, but it’ll give you some protection without the bulk — which is all some people want.

3. X-Doria Defense Shield Bumper Case

Buy it Now on Amazon for $30

The X-Doria Defense Shield is a case for someone that knows they want a durable, bulky, loud case. Rocking an in-your-face style that’s certainly tough enough to keep your Galaxy S10 Plus safe. X-Doria is using a clear polycarbonate plastic shell on the back, so people will see your pretty phone, then a soft-touch TPU bumper around the entire phone to absorb impacts from drops or accidents.

Then, it comes with an iridescent, black or red anodized aluminum frame around the outer edge for added protection and stability. This has a 10-ft military-grade rating and yes, wireless charging still works.

4. Silk Wallet Slayer Galaxy S10+ Case

Buy it Now on Amazon for $15

One of my favorite cases for years was the Silk Wallet Slayer, and they’re finally back in 2019 making cases for Samsung phones again. The Silk Wallet Slayer isn’t your typical “fold-open” wallet case either. I hate those big, bulky straps stuffed full of debit cards and receipts that make your phone look like grandpas wallet.

Instead, this sleek little TPU case is extremely rugged and durable, with a compartment on the back of the phone that holds 2-3 credit/debit cards or ID, plus some cash. Additionally, there’s a secret kickstand built-in that uses your ID to hold the phone up, which is pretty neat. Plus, they use a high-grip texture on the sides so you never drop your phone. I can’t recommend these enough.

5. Speck Presidio Pro Case

Buy it Now on Amazon for $45

Another brand we recommend for almost every phone is Speck. Not only are they some of the most durable cases with a 10-ft drop military grade rating, but they’re also not too bulky.

The Speck Presidio Grip is our usual recommendation, but the new Pro series is even better. They’re using a hard polycarbonate bumper frame without cutouts on all four corners and at every port or button where an inner lining squeezes through. That inner lining is IMPACTIUM — a soft TPU-like material that is very tough and will absorb the forces from any drops or accidents. It’s like most dual-layer cases, only better.

6. OtterPop Defender Galaxy S10+ Case (OtterBox + PopSocket)

Buy it Now from Otterbox for $69

Those cool OtterBox cases with a PopSocket built-in are finally available. Combining one of the best cases with the most popular smartphone accessory lately. This case has a small indent for the PopSocket, making it sit more flush with the case. It’s easier to hold, use, and more importantly, put in your pocket or a purse.

They basically slim-lined the Popsocket design and put it inside the case. Each Pop-top is removable so you can get different colors, designs, and styles and change them on the fly with your case. The Otterbox Defender is as rugged as you can get, and now it comes with a kickstand and Popsocket built-in. It’s a win win.

7. Incipio Holden Fabric Case

Buy it Now from Incipio for $35

The Incipio Esquire Series is one of the best-looking cases around, but it wasn’t extremely comfortable or durable. New for 2019 is the Incipio Holden, which replaces the Carnaby series, and it fixes all those problems.

The Incipio Holden case uses a popular dual-layer design with soft TPU corners and sides and a hard rugged polycarbonate shell. However, they’ve also added a beautiful, soft, and durable long-lasting fabric to the back of the case. That fabric is very comfortable to use, hold and enjoy. We really like the greenish-grey color, too.

8. Spigen Slim Armor w/ kickstand

Buy it Now on Amazon for $26

You can get Spigen cases with kickstands in a few different styles or designs. However, the Spigen Slim Armor is the model we recommend for most users. That’s because it uses the same rugged dual-layer TPU and polycarbonate shell design as Spigen’s other cases, but it’s thinner and easier to hold.

Basically, if you need something ultra-rugged get the “Rugged Armor” case. Otherwise, everyone else is better off getting this Slim Armor where there’s a perfect balance of durability without all the added bulk. Plus, you get a kickstand for hands-free movies, YouTube, or Netflix and chill sessions.

9. Pelican Protector Case for Galaxy S10+

Buy it Now from Pelican for $40

Pelican, the brand known for extremely rugged and durable suitcases, outdoor gear, carry cases and more that gets used by the military and other big groups, now makes cases for smartphones.

The Pelican Protector series is the perfect case for an outdoors enthusiast or someone who’s always on the go. This case offers a dual-layer TPU design that will absolutely keep your phone safe. Any impact, drop, or accident will just bounce right off of the TPU. However, the third layer of hard polycarbonate plastic wraps around the entire outer edge of the case. This has that traditional boxy and angled edges we’ve seen in the past from Pelican, too. The angled edges help divert energy away from the screen if you drop your phone, which is neat.

10. Ringke Fusion-X Clear Bumper Shell

Buy it Now on Amazon for $12

A lot of people want a case that’s somewhat clear and can show off the beautiful new White, Prism Blue, Prism Green or Flamingo Red colors of the Galaxy S10+. If so, but you still want protection and a case, get this one from Ringke.

The Ringke Fusion-X is clear on the back with a hard polycarbonate shell, that way the color shines through. They do add a dot-matrix texture that adds grip, prevents fingerprints or smudges, and makes it fit better, so it’s not completely clear. Then, the outside has a soft TPU bumper that protects the entire phone. This comes in a few different colors, too, for those interested.

11. Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder Case

Buy it Now from UAG for $30

Urban Armor Gear, known as UAG, makes some pretty great cases. The Pathfinder series is the brand’s latest addition, and it’s one of the best Galaxy S10+ cases we’ve seen so far.

This flexible yet rugged case uses a feather-light composite TPU construction around a hard inner skeleton frame. So it’s really tough. There’s an impact-resistant soft core followed by an additional layer of hard polycarbonate plastic on the outer shell. We really like the oversized tactile and easy to press buttons, reinforced triple-layered corners for drop protection, and the raised edges around the screen and three cameras. They add enough layers that each case is military-grade drop-tested up to 10 feet.

12. CARVED Real Wood Cases for Galaxy S10+

Buy it Now from Carved for $39

How about some protection and style at the same time? CARVED makes beautiful cases for the Galaxy S10 or S10+ that are made from real wood, cut right in the company’s backyard of Indiana. Everything is American-made and mostly hand-made. You can choose from several different styles of carved wood, get seashells inlaid into the TPU frame of the case, or even a two-tone “Satellite series” that has a wood and resin inlay for a beautiful and unique one-of-a-kind look.

My favorite Carved case is the Mount Bierstadt Inlay. They use a hard TPU frame like any other case, then put multiple layers of wood on the back to create a pretty mountain landscape scene. It’s quite gorgeous, and I get questions about my case ALL the time. Get this for your Galaxy S10+, or choose any other design.

13. Samsung Rugged Protective Kickstand Case

Buy it Now from Samsung for $35

Another option is to just buy a case from Samsung themselves. This year they have some amazing flip cases, LED-View covers, genuine leather Galaxy S10 Plus cases and even a few made of Silicone. However, it’s the Samsung Rugged Protective Cover for the Galaxy S10 that people will love.

This durable and extra-rugged case was designed for military-grade shock and drop resistance up to 10-feet or more. If it falls, you don’t have to instantly worry about a shattered screen. They’re using a soft inner TPU lining, a secondary TPU layer, and a hard polycarbonate shell that’s more durable than your typical $11 cases on Amazon.

Then, the fold-flat kickstand works at two different angles so you can enjoy your Galaxy S10+ anywhere.

14. AMOVO Detachable Galaxy S10+ Wallet Case

Buy it Now on Amazon for $25

As we come to a close we wanted to recommend one more wallet case that has some awesome features. This is actually one of the highest-rated wallet cases on Amazon, and with good reason. The selling point isn’t the wallet, but that the wallet is detachable from the rest of the case. You’re basically getting two cases in one, as you can easily remove your phone (with a rugged case attached) when you don’t need your wallet.

The AMOVO wallet case uses a premium Vegan PU leather, or you can get real leather in the same case for $45. You’ll get your typical wallet case features like a magnetic latch for safety and a fold-out kickstand on the back of the wallet flap. On the inside, it holds three credit cards or ID, plus one has a see-thru window for your ID, then there’s a 4th slot for cash, another card, checks, or receipts. We just love the fact that this is a great TPU case that’s super durable and looks stylish with the PU leather. Then, if you’re going out for the day or night, snap it into the wallet and have one less thing to carry.

15. Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Case

Buy it Now on Amazon for $13

Last but not least, for now, we wanted to highlight a fun case from Spigen. The Liquid Crystal Glitter case comes in White or Black and actually has a liquid full of glitter floating around inside and on the back.

This is a popular style we see all the time with the ladies, so we decided to add it to our list for those female viewers, or a good dude that wants to buy it for his woman. Plus, the Black one is actually pretty neat looking, in addition to being very durable and offering the Spigen quality we all know and trust. This case looks good, but it does its job keeping the phone safe, too.

In closing, these are the best cases we found, tried, or reviewed and we’ll continue to recommend our favorites in the future and throughout 2020. The Galaxy S10 Android 10 update gave this phone a new life, so make sure it lasts by keeping it protected. Then, check out our Galaxy S10 Portal for the latest news and the best accessories.



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    I’m not a fan of these buly cases. S10+ is a sleek phone and feel is too good. I’m using Ebony wood skin from gadgetshieldz

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