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How to Install Fortnite on Android in 2020



This is how to install Fortnite on Android in 2020. Google removed Fortnite from the Google Play Store, but you can still install Fortnite on Android from Epic Games or from the Samsung App Store. This guide will show you how to do it so that you can play Fortnite.

The move follows Apple pulling Fortnite from the Apple App Store this week and signals a long drawn out feud between Epic Games who makes Fortnite and the major mobile manufacturers. The good news is that on Android it is easy to install Fortnite in 2020, even if the messages you see when you do it may be a little scary.

This method works with Android phones and tablets. The menu options may vary slightly based on your phone or your version of Android, but it is very similar. It is important to make sure that you only download Fortnite to Android from official sources, otherwise, you could end up with an issue.

How to Install Fortnite on Android

How to Install Fortnite on Android in 2020 without Google Play.

You can install Fortnite on Android directly from Epic Games or you can install the Epic Games app from the Galaxy Store on Samsung Devices. To install apps from other app stores or from Epic directly, you need to change some settings on your phone.

When you allow app installations from unknown sources you will see scary messages. This is to let you know that you can install potentially dangerous apps. if you make sure to get Fortnite from Epic Games or from the Galaxy App Store, you should be safe, but you do need to be cautious.

  1. Scan the QR code on the Epic Games website using your Android Phone.
  2. Choose Epic Games.
  3. If prompted say yes to allowing a download.
  4. Tap to start the download.
  5. Tap on the file to open the download.
  6. Allow your browser to install apps from unknown sources.
  7. Tap to go back to the page and choose install.
  8. Open the Epic Games App.
  9. Tap on Fortnite.
  10. Tap on Install.

This will install Fortnite on your Android phone in a few minutes. You can then login to Fortnite and start playing without the need for Google Play. You can also do this from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

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