How to Know When Xbox One X Pre-Orders Start

We’re all waiting for the Xbox One X pre-orders to start and with no firm start time or start date, that leaves buyers worried they might miss out on their chance to buy the new Xbox with release day delivery.

This is how you can get an alert when the Xbox One X pre-orders start. You can choose an alert on your computer or an email very easily. We’ll also show you how to get a text when Xbox One X Pre-Orders Start.

This will give you the best opportunity to buy the Xbox One X without paying high premiums on Craigslist or Ebay this fall.

How to Get a Text When Xbox One X Pre-Orders Start

Sign up to get a text when Xbox One X pre-orders start.
Sign up to get a text when Xbox One X pre-orders start.

The NowInStock website tracks the stock of the Xbox One X and it also tracks the start of pre-orders by constantly monitoring the pages on sites like Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon. There is a good chance we will see Target or GameStop added to the list at some point as well. The service checks these sit’s every minute and then sends out updates as soon as it detects the device in stock, or in this case available for pre-order.

  1. Sign up for a free NowInStock account
  2. Add your phone number and email.
  3. Verify your phone number.
  4. Visit the Xbox One X tracker page.
  5. Click on Add/Manage Alerts.
  6. Click on Add Item for the stores you want to track.
  7. Click on the phone spot on the Delivery section to get a text alert.

Once this is done you are good to go. You will get the alerts you highlighted on that page. This can include a text, a computer alert or an email depending on the options you chose. You can manage these settings in your NowInStock account. Don’t lose your password. If you cannot login to NowInStock you will not be able to turn off the text alerts.




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