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Xbox One X Pre-Orders: 3 Things to Know



Finding Xbox One X pre-orders is a good idea. Without a pre-order, it’s possible you won’t get to experience the best graphics the Xbox One ecosystem has to offer this November.

The Xbox One X is a new gaming console from Microsoft that launches on November 7th. A new processor, more RAM and updated graphics hardware let developers improve their game’s visuals. Xbox One X enhanced games, like Forza 7will have full 4K video and run at 60 frames per second. The console also uses Super Sampling technology to make every Xbox One game look better on an HD television. The games you already own even load faster on the Xbox One X.

Those things could make the Xbox One X very hard to find this November. That’s why Xbox One X pre-orders are important. Lots of gamers could want one despite its $499 price tag.

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Xbox One X Pre-Orders

  • Where to Place  Xbox One X Pre-Orders
  • Why Xbox One X Pre-Orders Are Important
  • Saving on Xbox One X Pre-Orders

Where to Get Xbox One X Pre-Orders

Where you should place your Xbox One X pre-order depends on where you’d like to spend your money and who has units available. Dozens of retailers will sell the console, but you should go with the store or online site that offers the discounts you want and the trade-in offers you need.

Xbox One X pre-orders began in mid-August and sold out within a week. They returned again on September 20th, with Microsoft promising that all stores would reopen their pre-orders before the console’s November release. Use the links below to place your Xbox One X pre-order now.

You can pick-up your Xbox One X pre-order at some stores the night of the console’s launch. Best Buy is holding a midnight event for its shoppers on November 6th. GameStop hasn’t announced release night events for its customers, but the company has a solid track record of opening late for console launches.

If your favorite retailer sells out, check back with them again closer to the console’s launch. Console launch stock usually comes in waves, with pre-orders opening again and again until launch day arrives.

Why Xbox One X Pre-Orders Are Important

You want an Xbox One X pre-order because you can bet on them being hard to find this fall. The Xbox One X is the most powerful video game console ever made, and it’s the only Xbox One that has enough power inside to fully take advantage of a 4K TV. Many gamers that own a 4K TV already will want its improved performance.

Even if the console didn’t offer 4K gaming, it might still be hard to find. Consoles are usually very hard to find just after release because die-hard fans all rush to upgrade. Without a pre-order, you might have to buy from an eBay or Craigslist reseller. These resellers will want more than the Xbox One X’s $499 price.

Gamers that bought early also got Microsoft’s Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition console. It’s the same as the Xbox One X, but it comes with a stylized controller, exclusive packaging and an Xbox One X stand. Unfortunately, Scorpio Edition bundles went quickly. You only get a standard edition Xbox One X if you pre-order now.

Saving on Xbox One X Pre-Orders

When placing Xbox One X pre-orders, look for savings. Discounts and deals will help you keep the cost of the new console down. Remember, the Xbox One X costs $499. That’s $250 more than the cheapest Xbox One S.

You can trade-in your old Xbox One without fear. Xbox One X works with games for the Xbox One S and original Xbox One. Headsets, USB cables and controllers from those two console’s work on the Xbox One X too.

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Also, monitor GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy to get the most savings with a game trade-in. GameStop boosts trade-in values on all items when there’s a new console coming. Expect the company to do so before the Xbox One X’s November 7th release. Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked subscription gives shoppers more credit for the titles they trade in. That’s another way for you to save on your Xbox One X pre-order.

4 Reasons Not to Pre-Order Xbox One X & 3 Reasons You Should

Pre-Order If You Want the Xbox One X ASAP

Pre-Order If You Want the Xbox One X ASAP

If you want the Xbox One X and you want it in your hands on November 7th, you'll want to put in a pre-order and you'll want to do it as soon as you possibly can.

Microsoft isn't talking about sell outs or shortages but you can bet supplies will be tight ahead of the console's launch in the fall. 

Retailers will almost certainly sell out their stock. And while we'll probably see additional stock emerge throughout the year (due to canceled pre-orders or thanks to Microsoft's supply chain), you can expect to see it dry up quickly. 

If you want to avoid the headache of looking for stock or dealing with third-party resellers like eBay, put in an order when they go live. It'll guarantee you launch day pickup. And yes, we expect retailers to hold midnight launch events to celebrate the launch. 

We've put together a guide to Xbox One X pre-orders and it'll run down the best ways to keep track of Microsoft's plans as we push deeper into the year.

You can use this guide to get a text when Xbox One X pre-orders start.



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