How to Print Photos from an Android Phone or Tablet
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How to Print Photos from an Android Phone or Tablet



In this guide we’ll explain how to print photos from an Android smartphone or tablet. It’s a question we get asked all the time that has a simple solution. Including prints from Google Photos. Read on to learn how to make copies of your photos. Whether its with your own printer, online services or even mailed right to your house.

Our smartphones are capable of taking amazing photos these days. At the same time, they don’t need to stay digital copies or be shared in low resolution on Facebook. Print them and save a beautiful image forever.

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Users don’t need any fancy expensive printers either. We can use Google Cloud Print, apps that are designed for manufacturer printers and much more. There are multiple different options available. This is how to print photos from an Android smartphone.

Our goal here today is to show owners that they have a lot of ways to do this. Using their own printer, a local Walgreens, or popular services and apps that do it for you. I’ve received over 300 photos in the mail for free, just by paying shipping and handling and using an app from the Google Play Store.

So without further delay, this is how you too can print photos right from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Print Photos With a Home Printer

As long as you have a decent printer, or better yet a photo printer, doing this at home is a breeze. The results might not be the best but it’s one of the easiest options for most. You’ll want a photo printer, photo paper (I prefer matte over glossy) and preferably some special photo ink.

Next all we need is to use one of the many different apps and services available. First up is Google Cloud Print, but we’ve had mixed results using it.

Download the dedicated Google Cloud Print app, and follow the steps to connect it to a printer. There are Cloud Print enabled printers available to buy, but regular old wired printers work just fine too. Once they are connected simply hit the “Share” button on any photo, share it to Google Cloud Print, and you’re all done. It’s pretty easy.

However, we’d recommend a few other options first as the results have been iffy at best using Google’s service. Instead, most printers have either WiFi or Bluetooth by default, and will work in seconds. Alternatively, many WiFi printers will have options to let owners quickly email photos from their phone right to it. Then, just edit or print them at will.

Using the built-in share feature on Android owners can share photos to a Printer in a slew of different ways. Not to mention most popular brands have their own dedicated applications for exactly that. I use HP ePrint, but other companies have similar solutions. Here’s a list.


All of the applications above can be found on the Google Play Store (or just click our links) and are extremely easy to use. Just follow the instructions, pair a printer to a mobile device, and print on the fly. Some even work when you aren’t home or on the same WiFi connection.

Above is a screenshot showing how easy it is open a photo and hit share, send a photo to HP ePrint, and print a photo from an Android smartphone in seconds. Their application is dead simple to use, has some decent editing tools, and works every time for me. Give any of the apps above a try today or read on for other options.

Print Photos Locally

If you don’t plan on printing photos often, or don’t have a good quality printer, use local stores instead. Of course anyone can walk into Walmart and print photos with a little Kiosk, but other much better options are readily available.

The first thing that comes to mind is the app Kicksend. It will find nearby stores like Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Target, FedEx Kinkos and other locations. Right from the application you can upload as many or as few as you’d like, and get them printed and ready for pick-up the same day. Kodak has a similar app for finding a Kiosk to print from, and the Walgreen’s app has a photo upload option. Find what’s best for you, and get started. Then just pick-up your photos whenever they’re ready.

Upload Photos and Have Them Delivered

Last but not least, is probably the best option of all. Surely many of you have seen the commercials for popular services like Shutterfly, especially around Valentine’s Day. These apps essentially allow users to upload endless amounts of photos right from our Android smartphones or tablets. Choose the photo size, special options like gifts or fridge magnets, and get them printed and delivered right to your door. Often times completely free.

In fact, the Kicksend app mentioned above has this option too. They recommend using their paid print service and have the photos delivered, rather than picking them up locally.

Our first recommendation would by Shutterfly. Simply download the app and get unlimited free prints in 4×6 or 4×4 prints. Just pay for shipping. A few of my photos had the tops cut-off, but getting over 300 photos for free is too good to pass up.

Shutterfly has good quality prints, and tons of gift options. Like candles, cup coasters, fridge magnets and much more. Not to mention the unlimited free 4×6 are perfect for photo albums or scrap-booking.

Alternatively, we’d also recommend users check out Mpix, Snapfish or FreePrints. All of these have easy to use apps that allow us to print photos from Android smartphones or tablets. Send some as a gift, get photos delivered to your door and more. All for a low fee.

Of course at the end of the day you could just transfer photos from any device to your computer, and print them yourself. Or add them to a USB thumb drive and take it to any local store for quick quality prints. There are multiple options available these days, so choose what’s right for you. For those wondering, all of these options work great on the iPhone too.

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