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How to Use Smart Lock on the Galaxy S9 & Skip Fingerprints



Smart Lock is one of the best Galaxy S9 features you’re not using, but should. With Smart Lock, you can skip using a lock screen security option in most situations. In this guide we’ll show you how to use Smart Lock on the Galaxy S9 and everything else you need to know.

If you’re at home there’s no reason to use a fingerprint to access your phone, right? The same could be said about when you’re driving. Fumbling with a pin code isn’t very safe. So, let Smart Lock know when you are at home or driving, and bypass your lock screen security measure for you.

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Basically, Smart Lock recognizes trusted locations or devices so the phone can unlock itself. That way you don’t have to use a fingerprint or your pin 150 times a day. Instead, you use a fingerprint, pattern, or pin when you actually need it.

You can use this helpful feature at home or when connected to your car stereo, and there’s even an option to set it up to trust your voice. However, you will still have to use a PIN, fingerprint scanner, or Iris eye scan on occasion.

How to Use Smart Lock on the Galaxy S9

To get started find Smart Lock on the Lock screen and security menu in Settings. This feature gives you several options for fast device access: On-body detection, Trusted places, Trusted devices, and Trusted voice. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Tap the gear-shaped Settings button in the notification bar (or find Settings in the app tray)
  • Select Lock screen and security
  • Tap Smart Lock
  • Enter your PIN or password to continue

As you can see above, there are four different options or modes available. I’m using Trusted location, devices, and Bluetooth. When I’m home I don’t have to unlock the Galaxy S9. Or, when I connect the Galaxy S9 to my truck stereo or it’s near my smartwatch I don’t need a lock screen measure. The software recognizes I’m near a trusted device and bypasses the lock screen method temporarily. Smart Lock works with any NFC or Bluetooth device.

  • Click Trusted devices
  • Tap + Add trusted device
  • Select from Bluetooth or NFC (it will search and find any nearby connected device)
  • Choose which accessory and then select Add as trusted device

Now your Galaxy S9 will stay unlocked when it’s connected and near the device or location you just set up. If you disconnect from the stereo or leave a trusted place Smart Lock turns off. Meaning you’ll have to enter a PIN or use your fingerprint again to access your phone. If it gets lost or stolen and the connection drops it will instantly lock itself.

Keep in mind that you’ll still have to swipe to unlock the screen, as that prevents accidental taps or butt-dialing. This just bypasses those advanced security methods in situations they’re not really necessary. Making it easier to use the Galaxy S9 day in and day out.

More Details & Final Thoughts

Another option is “On-body detection”. This will unlock the Galaxy S9 as long as it’s in motion, like when you’re holding it and walking. The phone will lock and require your PIN or fingerprint when it stops moving, or you set it down. Just tap On-body detection and flip the switch to on to enable this feature.

Set your home as a trusted place and only unlock it once while you’re home. As long as you stay home, you won’t need your PIN or fingerprint again. You’ll need to use a security method once you leave that trusted area. Make sense? It’s an amazingly helpful and convenient feature. Smart Lock uses GPS, WiFi and Google Maps for a correct location reading.

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If you have kids you might want to skip the home mode. That way the phone is still locked down so they can’t mess with anything. Don’t forget to try the trusted voice mode too. To try this out, enable “Trusted voice” in the Smart Lock menu, then follow the prompts to train the software to recognize your individual voice. Now just say, “Ok Google” and the phone will instantly unlock. See, no fingerprint scanner, PIN, or Iris scan is necessary.

So, is smart lock worth using? Absolutely. It’s extremely easy to set up, works great, and cuts down on how often you need to use a fingerprint scanner or alternative lock screen methods. Keep in mind that trusted places might drain your battery faster than expected, but that’s ok. This is one of those features everyone should use. Before you go, take a look at these 9 Best Galaxy S9+ Screen Protectors and keep your phone safe.

10 Best Galaxy S9+ Screen Protectors

Caseology Tempered Glass (Easy Install Tray)

Caseology Tempered Glass (Easy Install Tray)

First off, we're recommending the Caseology Tempered Glass Screen protector kit for the Galaxy S9+. While they make great cases, the reason this made our list is because of the easy installation tray.

No one likes putting on screen protectors, and half the time we mess up anyways. This is especially true with the curved glass edge on Samsung phones. With Caseology, you'll get a super simple easy installation tray that perfectly aligns the glass protector for you. Pull off the protective film, line it up, and drop it in place. Then use the included squeegee to get rid of any bubbles.

Each Caseology glass works great with cases, which means the edges are just a tiny bit short so your case doesn't pull it up and ruin your screen protector. They're using 9H reinforced glass with anti-fingerprint coatings, rounded edges to prevent chipping, and it's pretty affordable too. Don't forget Samsung sells official accessories as well. 

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