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How to Turn Off Bixby Reminders and Notifications



This guide will explain how to turn off Bixby notifications and reminders on the Galaxy S8. If you don’t want to be bothered by pop-ups to check your schedule or set alarms every day, you’ll want to turn off Bixby. While we can’t disable the app completely, we can make Samsung’s new virtual assistant less intrusive.

Bixby is Samsung’s version of Siri, Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. A virtual assistant ready to help you with your day. The app notifies you to finish tasks, checks your schedule or sends reminders to set an alarm for work in the morning. And while it has its benefits, some don’t want these popping up on their phone every day.

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The problem with Bixby is most of the features are already available on our devices, and we don’t need them twice. If you’re like me you tried it once and didn’t like it, or accidentally hit the dedicated Bixby button on the left side of the phone. Now, whether you want them or not, Bixby constantly sends you frustrating and repetitive notifications.

How to Turn Off Bixby Notifications & Reminders

These steps won’t disable it completely or prevent the button on your phone from starting the app, but it will stop the daily reminders and pop-up notifications. There is no way to completely turn off Bixby, at least not yet.

  • Launch Bixby with the dedicated button on the middle left side of the Galaxy S8 or S8+
  • Tap the Bell notification icon near the top right
  • Select the 3-dots menu button at the top of the screen and tap Settings
  • Click on Samsung Interactive and Customized Services for Reminders
  • Tap or swipe the On/Off switch to OFF

This turns off Samsung’s interactive services that aim to provide a better experience and personalized content for Galaxy S8 owners. Basically those “let Bixby check your schedule” notifications each morning, or the other random alerts and pop-ups you see each night.

You can also turn off what apps and services are visible inside the app and on your lock screen. Launch Bixby and tap the 3-dots in the top right corner and select Settings. This is the main settings menu for the entire app and services. Navigate to Cards and uncheck any app you don’t want it to access.

More Details

The idea behind Bixby is an artificial intelligence that learns as you use the phone. After a few weeks, it recognizes when you set alarms for work, who you call and when, places you go, things you do and more, then aims to provide information before you ask. Or remind you to set an alarm before bed so you aren’t late for work.

Bixby has a lot of potential to be a helpful virtual assistant on Samsung smartphones. Not to mention the company plans to offer it on appliances and more in the near future. Turning the platform into an all-in-one Assistant for our mobile devices and smart home products.

However, the biggest aspect of Bixby is voice controls, which the company delayed. Bixby Voice is reportedly coming in July but is currently still in the beta testing phase. Once that happens, Bixby could be a better service that many enjoy.

That being said, some may still choose to disable all the annoying pop-ups, reminders and notifications it displays daily. Our instructions above should help you take back control of your Galaxy S8. Before you go, take a look at these 15 common Galaxy S8 problems and how to fix them.



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